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Our certified HR Coaches work with businesses to establish and maintain the link between People and Business Strategy to improve business profit and performance. Our toolkit of solutions ensures that our Coaches are able to deliver practical ,timely and effective solutions every time. 


New South Wales


Aimee Zahorodny

Robin Human Capital

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Anna Finch


Kardia HR

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Belinda McLean.2.jpg

Belinda McLean

HR Focus

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Derek Lundberg

Executive Mind

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Geoff Snowden - Clear background.png

Geoff Snowden

People Motion

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Jo Hanlon.jpg

Jo Hanlon

Mind Your P's

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Karen Aldridge.jpg

Karen Aldridge

HR Fix

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Kayley Riddle.jpg

Kayley Riddle


People Engine

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Corinne Butler.jpg

Corinne Butler

Tweak HR

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Kate Brown

Suncoast HR


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Katrina Haynes.jpg

Katrina Haynes

HR Matters

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Mandy Ward.jpg

Mandy Ward

Suncoast HR

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Mark Celledoni.jpg

Mark Celledoni

Mark HR

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Mary Stevenson.JPG

Mary Stevenson

HR Business Essentials

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Melissa - Profile picture.png

Melissa Langton


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Peter McCleary.JPG

Peter McCleary

HRM Partners

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Vanessa Petch

HR Maximised

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Western Australia

Coralea A'Court.jpg

Coralea A'Court

Avon People Management

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South Australia



Deb Peppard.JPG

Deborah Peppard

HR Staff 'n' Stuff

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Divyesh Nathoo.jpg

Divyesh Nathoo

Twin Consulting

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Hina Patel

Ignite HR Solutions

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Jane Save - background removed.png

Jane Save

The Save Group

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Lorraine updated.png

Lorraine Wilson

Key Business Advisors

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Lou-Ann Gibson.jpg

Lou-Ann Gibson

HR Sustain

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Sean - head Shot Background Removed.png

Sean Murray

HR Headquarters

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Vikki Southey.jpg

Vikki Southey

Our HR

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Warren Howard_highres.2.jpg

Warren Howard


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Northern Territory


Gae Mackay

Tactical Coach

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New Zealand

Karen Vernon.jpg

Karen Vernon

HR Central

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