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Hi, I’m Jane and this is my story….

I had been a senior HR Manager with APAC responsibilities, focussing on Australasia, India and South Africa in a large multi-national company. Initially, I loved the fast pace, the constant overload of work and the extended work hour zones. However, over time this lost its shine and my positive impact continued to be retested as different senior executives were appointed to their roles. When I finally reviewed my workload and responsibilities I realised that my hourly rate was much less than mid-range HR professionals who worked for me. I worked to change both my remuneration and my responsibilities but no big corporate moves quickly on these issues, and I am known for my impatience if things are not right!

At the same time, I was already providing free consulting services to a couple of SMEs in my family network and quickly worked out that they needed more than I could give to help them to succeed.

It, therefore, made sense to me to start to wind out of my permanent senior HR role and concurrently increase my focus and efforts in SME land on my terms. I needed the right vehicle to make this transition work and I had no desire to reinvent all things HR for SMEs, even though I thought I could. My google searches identified HR Coach as a potentially good option, while my network confirmed other options were poor.

I worked through the recruitment process and found concepts and thinking that aligned with my own. Completing the Academy was the icing on the top – I now had tools that made sense, underpinned by research that made even more sense. I also had a sales method that was so pragmatic and logical I was ready to put it into play immediately. I knew I would only really learn by doing, and it just works every time.

  • I joined HR Coach with really high expectations – and they have been exceeded every step of the way.

  • ·My own challenging budget forecasts have also been exceeded inside my first 12 months, so I have added scale to my business earlier than I expected.

  • ·‘Following the bouncing ball’ has been critical to my business success

  • New IP means that I don’t have to think – someone is doing it for me

  • I love building my business on my terms, and my clients love the work I do

Jane Save

Jane Save

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