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I had enjoyed a career in HR as a true generalist. However, after securing a HR Manager role I realised that trying to be a mother to three children, a wife to another professional, and commuting up to 3 hours a day was simply impossible.  I took the plunge and decided to open my own HR consulting business in the physical region that I lived, to get control of my life while also getting to use my brains and experience on my terms.

After 18 months of attempting to get a HR consulting business up and running I was on the verge of closing it down.  It seemed impossible to get clients, people were not interested in my HR product offerings, and I received no responses to mail out campaigns.  It was very disheartening as I was confident that I knew HR and just needed business owners to get it.

I was challenging myself on how to make the business work or return to a corporate role when I came across HR Coach. Finally it looked like someone had sorted out the marketing of a HR consulting business, which I really needed. I joined up and started the Academy, looking forward to the second week of the Academy, thinking the first week would simply be a refresher for me on core HR philosophies.

By the end of the first week of Academy I was worn out and broken.  My previous HR thinking was turned upside down and now I understood what I should have been taking to the market.  The second week was even more challenging.  I realised that everything I had been doing in my initial 18 months of business were the very things that would not work – which I had managed to confirm by personal experience! Finally I had a plan that made sense to take back to my market.  It was both exciting and scary.

I am now back in my former market, reconnecting with business owners.  It is a slow process as relationship building takes time.  I also keep reverting to my old ways when under pressure, and the master coaching forces me back on track.  I can’t wait to be comfortable with the HR Coach ways, so that I can improve my conversion to success ratio’s.

HR Coach Just Made Sense

  • Great IP which puts me ahead of more experienced HR consultants in my market

  • Sales and marketing strategies that work

  • I can now grow a sustainable local business

Lou-Ann Gibson

Lou-Ann Gibson

HR Sustain



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