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HR professionals wear many different hats. They take care of the hiring, interviewing and recruitment of new staff, as well as facilitating communication between the managers and employees within a company. Aside from cultivating workplace relations, these professionals have many other roles that are often overlooked by people who aren't familiar with the specific job role of an HR manager.

A successful HR manager will conduct employee reviews, write and implement policies, deal with any inappropriate behaviour within a company and devise training and development plans for new employees.

As you can see, an HR manager is a complex role and requires a skilled and experienced individual who has excellent organisational and time management skills. If you've already found that person - and are looking for some proprietary tools so that your HR manager can use their time more effectively, and gather precise data in order to achieve better results, then we can help. We have devised a range of HR software programs, that we go into more detail on below, that can help them achieve exactly this.

Alternatively, if you have a new HR manager who's lacking experience, or are looking for a completely outsourced HR solution, we can help in both of these areas, too. We employ a large range of extremely experienced HR coaches, who are able to offer HR support, advice and solutions. These coaches are also able to completely take on your HR matters and manage them externally.

Here, we run through each of these options.

Our HR consulting coaches in Brisbane

Corinne Butler

Corinne Butler

Tweak HR

QLD 4370

Mary Stevenson

Mary Stevenson

HR Business Essentials

QLD 4810

Dale Harrison

Dale Harrison

Evolution Happens

QLD 4163

Melissa Langton

Melissa Langton


QLD 4074

Katrina Haynes

Katrina Haynes

HR Matters

QLD 4017

Peter McCleary

Peter McCleary

HRM Partners

QLD 4350

Kylie Milton

Kylie Milton

Heartbeat HR

QLD 4019

Rachael Gannon

Rachael Gannon


QLD 4101

Our team of Brisbane-based HR consulting coaches is made up of some of the most talented professionals in the business. These coaches have decades and decades of experience in every area of HR - from talent management to workplace safety.

In fact, we have purposely pieced together our HR management consultants to ensure that each has different specialties. As a whole, the team can cover any area of human resources and are experts in specific fields.

Each coach is allocated to a business or individual depending on their specific needs. For example, if an outside business is looking for help with employee relations, we will allocate a different coach than a company that's looking for recruitment advice.

Our Brisbane-based coaches also have experience in managing the Human Resources department across a large range of different industries. They count mining, retail, manufacturing, digital, hospitality professional services, and more amongst fields that they have extensive experience in.

Range of human resources services

Employee screening

In many industries, pre-employment screening is a requisite for any applicant that is applying for a job within the business. A pre employment screening is sometimes called a background check, and can include all or some of the following checks: criminal check, drug test, previous worker's compensation claim checks, reference checks and education verification.

These checks are completed by the HR department. Not only can these checks be time-consuming, but the employee who completes the checks will need certain verifications in order to gain such sensitive information. Our coaches can help teach employees how to conduct these checks, or if the job is outsourced, we can complete these checks for the company.

We also offer software that can speed up the screening significantly.

Performance management (evaluation)

Performance evaluations are when an HR employee looks at how an employee is working and measures their work and results based on their job responsibilities.

Performance management can provide invaluable information for a company when it's done correctly. However, the vast majority of employees tend to dread performance evaluations and put minimal effort into the paper forms, or the meetings that are scheduled to discuss how they are going.

Good HR managers have mastered successful performance evaluations through decades of experience. The HR managers will know what questions to ask, how to interpret the answers and appropriate tools to encourage employees to open up.

Setting suitable salaries and employee benefits

Those who aren't very familiar with the ins and outs of an HR manager's job responsibilities may be surprised to learn that HR has a significant role in deciding on employees' salaries. These professionals conduct extensive research into competitor salaries, and into what the average benchmark is.

HR employees also play a part in setting employee benefits, they aim to present an attractive salary to potential employers while ensuring the company remains profitable.

Enforcing disciplinary actions

It takes extensive skills and specific personality traits in order to successfully enforce disciplinary action that can change an employee's behaviour. An HR manager must be authoritative and fair, at the same time. These skills are gained and perfected through years of practice.

If you don't believe that your HR employee is able to successfully enforce disciplinary action to your staff, then they may need some training. On the other hand, if you need one of our HR coaches to step in and apply the action, this is an option too.

Disciplinary action must be taken very seriously - it's important to document absolutely everything and to ensure that it's done exactly to policy. If disciplinary action is taken in a situation that an employee thinks is unfair, they can challenge it. If this action isn't by the book and documented, the company could find itself in legal trouble.

Writing and implementing hr policies

The HR department is in charge of writing and implementing a variety of policies and procedures. These documents include policies related to anti harassment, non-discrimination, disciplinary actions and employment classifications and benefits.

The wording of these policies is extremely important - and must be done properly, or else it could open the company up to legal trouble. Implementing the policies must be taken just as seriously. It's very important that all employees have access to the documents, have reviewed them and have accepted them. Our HR coaches can ensure that these policies and procedures and written and implemented to the required standard.

Improving employee engagement

Employee retention is one of a HR employee's main responsibilities. Retaining good employees will save a company time and money, and help it grow. To ensure that an employee stays in their position, a HR manager should aim to ensure that employee engagement is high.

Employee engagement defines how an employee feels in their role. A successful human resources employee can increase engagement by determining what an employee needs to make them happier in their role. There are many different means that can be used to ascertain this. An experienced HR coach can teach these skills, and HR software is a tool that can be used to help attain this information.

Human Resources Management Software Solutions


Career Monitor

As we mentioned above, employee retention is an extremely important part of a HR manager's role. A human resources employee's goal is to hire someone who can do a job well, and someone that will stay with the business for a considerable amount of time.

Career Monitor can help with employee retention by providing research-based quantitative interviews, that can provide risk and opportunity analysis for an individual employee's circumstance. This program can generate a  clear and concise evaluation of whether the employment relationship is at risk.

Career monitor also works to improve the employee experience by identifying future areas of mutual opportunity for both the employer and the employee.

Fusion Culture.webp

Fusion Culture

Countless studies have made the importance of culture in a workplace abundantly clear. However, many human resources don't have the tools to properly evaluate the culture within a large workplace, and instead, base their findings on reviews with individual employees.

Fusion Culture is a complex software that works to understand the culture within a workplace through multiple different avenues. While this software contains multiple tools, perhaps the standout one is their in-depth surveys. These surveys were created with extensive research and by Human Resource experts and are aimed to help a company properly understand their employees' culture-related wants and needs.


Is HR consultancy a viable career choice?

A study in 2016 by the Australian Human Resources Institute said that out of 437 HR professionals, about 85% were satisfied or happy with their work. It is true that HR is often at the core of frustrating conflicts in a business and there are a number of challenges- like with all other businesses and departments.

However, with the increasing number of small to medium-sized businesses in Australia and a growing number of people who prefer to use outsourced consultancy services as opposed to hiring full-time staff, HR consultancy is a very promising career choice.

Can you open a consulting firm without HR experience?

Getting into HR without prior experience or education is common and many people discover that they particularly enjoy it once they are in the field. However, opening a consulting firm without prior experience may be a bit tricky and risky.

First of all, your clients may want to see some certifications or endorsements of your experience before they hire your firm.

Additionally, it is important to know how to grow a network and manage different aspects of a business before opening one. Since many issues in HR can get technical and frustrating, it is advisable for you to have some sort of training before you start working as a consultant and providing services.

Is a strong online presence essential to running an HR consulting business?

A strong online presence is highly advisable when running an HR consulting business because it is the fastest and most effective way of growing and leveraging your network. You can have thousands of contacts and educate your network about the services you offer via social media.

Social media plays an important role in presenting your message, disseminating it to a large audience, and helping you connect with an extended network.

Moreover, if an HR business is not on social media, clients may have a hard time trusting the business and communicating with the business. It is sometimes said that if you aren't on social media, you simply don't exist.

Therefore all HR consulting companies should work hard to develop a strong and engaging online presence and continue to interact with their target audience virtually.

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