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I had been running my own recruitment companies for many years in Sydney, and then my family made a sea change to NSW’s south coast.  Initially I continued to commute to Sydney for client work, while thinking I could still spend most of my time on the south coast.  Not surprisingly the model didn’t work for me, or my long suffering Subaru.  I started looking for an alternate solution that would provide me the opportunity to build a local business on the south coast, which ideally could also allow me to expand my service offering to pre-existing recruitment clients.

HR Coach was the natural answer, particularly as I had no HR product to commence my own consulting business, and I needed a solution which would allow me to add scale. I am a purpose driven person, so the espoused and demonstrated philosophies of mutual success really resonated with me.  I had also been an odd-bod in the recruitment market because I have always focussed on growing my client base through strong and solid client and candidate relationships, one relationship at a time.  HR Coach processes again aligned with my thinking.  Finally, I was tired of doing things on my own and was looking to become part of a like-minded high-performing network.

 After leaving the Academy I was swamped again with client recruitment work, so it took me an extra 6 months to get some traction in my local region.  The upside is that everyone I network with appears genuinely keen to use my services as ‘they have been missing in the region’.  This is great to hear and has made the challenge of a cold start much less daunting.  I now can’t wait to move from CNA to lead-in sale, as success breeds success.

HR Coach Aligns with my Values

  • A flexible and scalable business model, where I am rewarded for success

  • Great IP, which gives me the competence to be confident with new clients

  • Great Network Members who can help me to grow my brand

  • Following the bouncing ball works, as long as I have time to bounce them

  • I can now grow a local business, while working with my pre-existing business network

Anna Finch

Anna Finch

Kardia HR

New South Wales


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