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I had been a HR Manager in a large professional services law firm, and was an early convert to HR Coach methods, processes and systems – as our business at the time was a strong user of HR Coach consulting services.  Everything made sense; it simply became the way we did HR.

Over the years the business won State and National recognition for their people outcomes and the profitability of the business continued to exceed industry benchmarks.  This business success ultimately made us an attractive prospect for larger, national law firms trying to expand into the Queensland market.

As the merger project concluded, I started my next role as a Mum and for a while my focus changed, and it was great.  When I decided it was time to get back into HRI simply touched base with HR Coach to find out when I could start. I was now looking for flexibility in my life, and wanted to make a positive difference with clients using the tools, systems and methods that had worked for me.  A HR Coach licence was the only way to go.

When I attended the Academy I was blown away in the first week. It had been 3 years since using HR Coach consultants and I was stunned with the IP and systems development that had occurred in that time. When I got to the second week of the Academy I thought there couldn’t be much more to take in, but I learnt invaluable lessons on how to make my business really grow, while maximising my margin and strengthening business relationships.

I love building My Business!

  • I joined HR Coach with really high expectations – and they have been exceeded every step of the way

  • My own challenging budget forecasts have also been exceeded inside my first 12 months, so I will be adding scale to my business earlier than I expected.

  • New IP is a great addition to my business

Katrina Haynes

Katrina Haynes

HR Matters



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