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HR Consultant Melbourne

HR Coach is a human resource company and training agency that helps aspiring human resources consultants learn the skills required in order to successfully run an HR business. The comprehensive training program and support structure teach students priceless techniques that will help them succeed with their own HR consultancy agencies.

We have a large range of coaches who have decades of experience in the HR industry. These coaches know how much value an efficient and adept HR consultant, or department, adds to a company.

The role of a human resources consultant has a vast amount of key responsibilities. Some of the duties HR consultants undertake include implementing workplace policies, taking care of any employee issues, building relationships with employees and clients, and spearheading the hiring process.

Because of the complexity of the role, Human Resources consultants need a considerable amount of training to ensure that they can carry out the role successfully.

We have a range of HR material devised by high experienced human resource professionals, this can be implemented in an already established business to help them understand their employee's wants and needs. We also offer training and support to help aspiring human resource consultants, who are looking to start their own consulting businesses.

Our HR consulting coaches in Melbourne

Colin Wilson

Colin Wilson

Key Business Advisors

VIC 3040

Lorraine Wilson

Lorraine Wilson

Key Business Advisors

VIC 3040

Deborah Peppard

Deborah Peppard

HR Staff 'n' Stuff

VIC 3168

Lou-Ann Gibson

Lou-Ann Gibson

HR Sustain

VIC 3930

Divyesh Nathoo

Divyesh Nathoo

Twin Consulting

VIC 3000

Warren Howard

Warren Howard


VIC 3204

Jane Save

Jane Save

The Save Group

VIC 3196

At the HR Coach, we only engage with HR coaches of the highest calibre, so you can be sure you're dealing with very successful and skilled coaches. Our coaches have decades of experience in the HR field, and each is especially skilled in different areas of the profession. Whether you're looking to learn more, or specialise in, the hiring process, employee retention or implementing effective policies, our team can help.

Our Victorian-based coaches also have experience in managing the Human Resources department across a large range of different industries. They count manufacturing, mining, retail, digital, professional services, hospitality and more amongst fields that they have extensive experience in.

Range of human resources services

Our Victorian-based coaches offer a large range of human resource-related expertise. Each of the coaches specialize in particular aspects of the field and can provide crucial advice and support in different areas. Below are some areas that our coaches are able to assist aspiring HR consultants.

General Support

Our coaches have decades of experience in working in the human resources industry and are able to share their expertise with students of the academy. If a student hits a roadblock or challenge during HR processes and is unsure about the best method to overcome it, our coaches can work with them to devise a strategy.

Sourcing ideal candidates

Decades of experience in the HR industry sees consultants interview and screen thousands of potential candidates in order to provide recruitment solutions. This experience gives them the skills to pick up small indications on whether a candidate is suitable, as well as master the best questions to ask them during an interview. Our highly experienced coaches can pass along this expertise to aspiring HR professionals, and arm them with the knowledge they need to know about how to successfully conduct a good interview, and how to screen out problematic candidates.

Writing Policies

Human resource policies are complex and must cover all areas of the workforce that are related to the employees. This includes things like interviews, termination and behaviour policies. The lengthy policies require specific terminology and wording and can be an overwhelming task for a professional who isn't familiar with writing them. Our training material and coaches can help aspiring HR professionals learn how to successfully write a thorough policy.

Mastering employee reviews

Employee reviews are a performance management process which involves an interview with a current employee that helps an employer or HR team understand how an employee feels in their position, and what their future business goals are. These are usually conducted annually, or bi-annually.

Generally, employee reviews have come to be something that many workers dread and don't take seriously. When an employee review is conducted effectively it can be invaluable to a company and is a major tool used to improve the employee experience. Our coaches have extensive knowledge in how to encourage an employee to take their reviews seriously, and tips that help them open up and provide helpful information.

Effectively dealing with inappropriate behavior

When an employee conducts themselves in a manner that's inappropriate, like defamatory or offensive behaviour, it's the HR department's responsibility to reprimand them and deal with the behaviour appropriately.

This type of employee management involves a number of processes and steps to ensure they have been adequately warned, or, in serious cases, had their employment terminated. Termination of an employee is serious and must be done properly. Our training program, along with our skilled coaches, can help businesses implement the process properly.

Improving employee engagement

Employee retention is dramatically affected by the employee experience. The employee experience is sometimes known as employee engagement and is defined as the relationship between an employee and their place of work. Employees with a good employee engagement enjoy their time at work and will be less likely to leave a company.

When an employee leaves a company, a considerable amount of time is spent on recruitment services to replace them. This not only takes up the human resources team's time but also other team members' time who are tasked with training the new employee. New employees are also much more prone to making mistakes, which can be costly for a company.

For this reason, it's usually hugely beneficial for a company to employ a good worker for a considerable amount of time. The proven way of achieving this is by ensuring the worker has a good employee experience. Our HR coaches are extensively knowledgeable in how to provide HR solutions in order to improve an employee experience and can provide tips and information to help students successfully master the skill.

Human Resources Management Software Solutions

A HR software solution is a very helpful tool in helping training HR consultants so that they can be knowledgeable and skilled in their field of expertise. At HR Coach, we have a range of tools that were created specifically to educate students on the necessary skills and processes that are required for the job.

Below are three of our most popular HR solutions programs, that have helped thousands of Australians become the HR professionals that they always dreamed of being. Click here to find out more information about these tools, and the other programs we have available.

STAR Workplace_edited.webp

STAR workplace

The STAR workplace tool looks at some of the most important parts of the HR role, like company culture, engagement and strategy, and how these areas can be improved within a business so that they are functioning their best.

This program has extensive one-on-one sessions with an experienced STAR practitioner, a survey and a management report, all aimed to teach a student how to effectively manage some of the key components of the role. The purpose of the program is to help small and medium businesses ensure peak satisfaction from their employees

Fusion Culture.webp

Fusion Culture

The culture within a business has a huge impact on its success. Many studies have shown that businesses with a great culture have a higher level of happiness from their employees, and this results in increased productivity at work.

Fusion Culture provides performance-enhancing software. One of the features of Fusion culture is its human resources surveys. These surveys have been specifically designed to understand employees' happiness and grievances within their role. The program also helps to engage teams and boost their performances.


Career Monitor

The unfortunate reality is that a large amount of HR professional time is spent on finding and interviewing the perfect candidates to fill an open position. This can be not only time consuming, but costly for the company, too. This process can be eliminated and HR consultant's time can be effectively used in other areas of the job when an employee stays for a considerable amount of time.

An HR consultant can use tools to determine an employee's happiness at a company, and consequently, take actions to ensure that they stay in their position resulting in business improvement. This is where Career Monitor comes in. Career Monitor is a software program that uses research-based quantitative interviews, to provide risk and opportunity analysis for an individual employee's circumstance. It allows HR professionals to understand whether an employee may be unhappy and is considering leaving their position.


Is HR consultancy a viable career choice?

A study in 2016 by the Australian Human Resources Institute said that out of 437 HR professionals, about 85% were satisfied or happy with their work. It is true that HR is often at the core of frustrating conflicts in a business and there are a number of challenges- like with all other businesses and departments.

However, with the increasing number of small to medium-sized businesses in Australia and a growing number of people who prefer to use outsourced consultancy services as opposed to hiring full-time staff, HR consultancy is a very promising career choice.

Can you open a consulting firm without HR experience?

Getting into HR without prior experience or education is common and many people discover that they particularly enjoy it once they are in the field. However, opening a consulting firm without prior experience may be a bit tricky and risky.

First of all, your clients may want to see some certifications or endorsements of your experience before they hire your firm.

Additionally, it is important to know how to grow a network and manage different aspects of a business before opening one. Since many issues in HR can get technical and frustrating, it is advisable for you to have some sort of training before you start working as a consultant and providing services.

Is a strong online presence essential to running an HR consulting business?

A strong online presence is highly advisable when running an HR consulting business because it is the fastest and most effective way of growing and leveraging your network. You can have thousands of contacts and educate your network about the services you offer via social media.

Social media plays an important role in presenting your message, disseminating it to a large audience, and helping you connect with an extended network.

Moreover, if an HR business is not on social media, clients may have a hard time trusting the business and communicating with the business. It is sometimes said that if you aren't on social media, you simply don't exist.

Therefore all HR consulting companies should work hard to develop a strong and engaging online presence and continue to interact with their target audience virtually.

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