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As a local from Port Macquarie, I could see businesses needed help with HR & productivity strategies. It has long been a dream to take control of my future by running my own business. When I first heard of HR Coach, I saw that it could be my opportunity to get involved in helping many businesses in “Port” rather than just one.

Using my existing HR & sales skills, I am able to leverage existing networks and relationships in my local area. Before I attended the Academy, I was speaking at networking events. My diary had sales appointments scheduled for my first weeks back. I was determined to hit the ground running.

The Academy was an intensive education session that allowed me to build a practical business model for my business. I identified clear goals and outcomes for my business.

I saw that the HR Coach method would enable me to be in control of how I work with my clients and also how I structure my days in building my business.

The tools and programs that form the HR Coach Tool kit will complement my experience while providing practical straight forward tools for my clients.

With the ongoing support of my Master, Peter McCleary and the team at HR Coach, I will be building my own business and success by developing the businesses in my local area.

Why HR Coach was my choice?

  • The pre-coaching made sure I didn’t miss anything in setting up my business.

  • I have access to good solid Intellectual Property – and it is protected.

  • I can capitalise on my existing experience and relationships to provide quality coaching to my local businesses.

  • I am not alone – and have a great team to work with – across Australia!

  • I have my independence.

Susan Judd

Susan Judd

HR Culture

New South Wales


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