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By now, you have probably taken a look around our site, watched a few videos and want to know how you can incorporate this exceptional business model into your career plan...  We offer flexible, convenient and certified professional, small group corporate training.  To get you started with all the knowledge, tools and resources you need to start your own successful business - the best news is it's only a phone call away. 

Take a read about Coaching as a Career and give us a call or download our feasibility guide to get started.

Coaching as a Career

Our HR Coach Network Members are driven by three main goals:

  1. To add value to their clients by linking activity with strategy

  2. Staying up to date with evolving market trends

  3. Being in control of their own professional future and work/life balance

For over 15 years, HR Coach has been helping HR and Business professionals achieve their goals by providing a foundation and support structure that makes it possible for them to turn their knowledge and experience into a consulting business.


Our Network Members come from many diverse professional backgrounds, including:

  • Human Resource professionals and Consultants

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Training, Learning and Development

  • General Management

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Operations and Finance

  • Project Management and Engineering

Take a listen below to two of our Network Members; Katrina Haynes of HR Matters and Melissa Langton of Exceler8 as well as a few things about our Network from our Managing Director Peter McCleary.

Katrina Haynes
HR Matters
Peter McCleary
MD HR Coach Australasia
Melissa Langton

HR Coach, A Strong Foundation and Supportive Network

Professionals from all walks of life are drawn to the HR Coach Network to gain access to exceptional tools, methods, intellectual property, and market-leading research.

Coaching is particularly effective in Small to Medium Enterprises (SME's)and has certainly become a preferred and accepted service. Given that the typical SME has no devoted human resource function, HR Coaches have an opportunity to do great work that makes a positive impact on employees, business owners and the local community.

The HR Coach Australasia Network has over 130 members in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. The proportion of males to females is evenly split. This is a statistic we are particularly proud of when you consider that in middle to executive management, the ratio is more heavily weighted to males. The flexibility of a human resource and business coaching business has allowed mums to return to work, business professionals to recognise their real worth and most importantly, for all individuals to rediscover the enjoyment in their work!

Next Steps

So where to from here?

We are seeking individuals and existing organisations who share our vision to work with us.  Our mandate is to create a meaningful shift, sustainability and growth, with a network of like-minded peers.

At HR Coach we understand that making a move into your own business is a personal and complex decision, to help with this we have developed a thorough due diligence process.  Our aim is to provide you with concise, accurate information about the market and how a HR Coach can add value using proprietary tools and products. Our Business Feasibility Guide provides you with the options to make an informed decision on what is right for your business. 

The other important element is to ensure the HR Coach model is the right one for you.  We use a Skills and Capability Assessment to understand your experience and skills across the Human Resources and Business spectrum.  This assessment is complimentary and comes with no obligations.

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