Building the Bridge to a Post COVID-19 Tomorrow

COVID-19 accelerated the downturn it didn't create it.

In early responses to the pandemic, many businesses in both Australia and New Zealand found their activity and revenue had dropped significantly and they couldn't continue without major cost/operating reductions.

  • Are you a business owner wanting to ride the expected wave of growth post Covid-19?

  • Are you part of a management team wanting to know ways of managing your business out of the chaos and position your business for success?

This white paper is for you!

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Employee Satisfaction Doesn't Mean Profit

Engagement and alignment drive business performance not employee satisfaction.

Many HR professionals and business advisors maintain that high levels of employee satisfaction are core to business success and performance, but research shows us this is not the case..

  • Are you a business owner keen to maximise your business performance and profitability?

  • Are you responsible for the people aspects in your business and you want to improve the business outcomes?

  • Have you invested heavily in employee satisfaction initiatives and now want to generate a greater return for the business?

This white paper is for you!

Employee Satisfaction Doesn't Mean Profi

Cultivating Management Culture

Every business wants to be a high performer and every business owner is looking for the magic bullet to make that happen!

While it may not be the quick fix solution Cultivating Management Culture, might be the magic bullet that unlocks your businesses success!

  • Are you a business owner who wants their business to stay or become a high performing business?

  • Are you part of a management team looking for ways to make your business more effective?

  • Are you a professional that wants to genuinely understand the Australasian management culture drivers?

This white paper is for you!

Unlocking the Code of High Performing Businesses

Every business want to be a high performer, but what separates the high performers from the pack?

This white paper was built from our research, and is targeted at people and organisations that really want to unlock their value:


  • Are you a business owner who wants your business to stay or become a high performing business?

  • Are you part of a management team looking for ways to make your business more effective and successful?

  • Are you a professional, who wants to genuinely understand the Australasian business drivers for high performance?

This white paper is for you!

Unlocking the Generational


The challenge of the multi-generational workforce.

The research shows us that there is more at play than just generational differences in the workforce.

There is a battle between managers and employees, within generation groups, and equality is the prize.

Decipher the 4 trends to Unlock the Generational Code:

  1. Generational Triggers

  2. Generation X - Great Expectations and a Great Divide

  3. Feedback - A New Perspective

  4. Strategy and Productivity

5 Effective Conversations

Society and business communication patterns are changing - can your business keep up?

Communication style and quality vary greatly, between low and high performing organisations.

Employees in high performing organisations are:

  • 12% more satisfied with the formal communication process

  • 13% more satisfied with their team leadership

  • 16% more likely to describe management as good quality communicators.

Management in the Spotlight

Without a clear vision and path to achieve it, management, no matter how good it is - is ineffective.

In this white paper, understand the 5 key trends of strong management teams!

  1. Improvement vs change

  2. Management is the key to improvement

  3. Industries with people logistics are under pressure

  4. Ad hoc improvement

  5. Business cycles matter

Business Succession Planning

The challenge of creating a realistic structure for succession planning.

You would be surprised how important succession planning is, in today's business.

Were you aware:

  • Only 30% of family businesses survive into the second generation?

  • As few as 10 - 12% are still viable into the third generation?

  • A dismal 3% of all family businesses, operate into the fourth generation or beyond.

Retention Boost Your Business

There is a shift in the retention debate!

Developing existing internal employees, and in particular leveraging key employees is an inexpensive and effective strategy for finding growth.  Retention, must not be viewed as a way to mitigate risk but as a growth strategy!

In this white paper learn how to:

  • Add value to your bottom line, by not letting it walk out the door.

  • Boost your business with what you have now.

Accelerating Performance Through Client Engagement

A new view on engagement.

Traditionally engagement within organisations has been viewed as one dimensional..

Unlock real value by:

  • Understanding the second and third dimensions of engagement

  • Implement a process to enable you to capitalise on all three dimensions

  • Action your process!

Setting the Standard

The reality of the HR Crisis

Organisations are under threat due to the increasingly complex labour market and volatility of global economies.

See how the first National Standard for HR provides a structured approach to managing people through:

  • Organisational measurement and planning

  • Human resource process and planning

  • Governance and compliance

  • Performance management

  • Workplace improvement

People | Perform | Profit

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