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Return on my Investment - you bet!

You might have seen my business name around before.  I have a very successful HR Practice based in Regional NSW and have been recognized in the Telstra Awards.  My clients are also nationally recognized also.

So you would be asking me, why would I bother joining HR Coach if I already had a successful business – wouldn’t they be a competitor?

Well the fact is, I fall into the trap that most business owners do – I am busy being busy and don’t get time to build my business (ask HR Coach about the famous gerbils – because I was one of them).

Having the methods and systems and the research backing it up and linking everything together and then… putting it into a simple process for coaches to deliver is just brilliant.

Yes, I could have put the seven years into developing it too – but I didn’t and I tell you – it makes such a difference in the way you deliver to clients – but most of all – it includes all the secrets on how to build scale into a coaching business.

You know I wish I thought of it.  But the good news is, I didn’t have to.  The hard work has been done – I have a great team in HR Coach to support the growth of my business – and this business has a well defined growth strategy that I am in total control of.

We all have our strengths.  The HR Coach model is a foundation for consistent client delivery as I bring coaches into my business and it is a foundation for ramping up my market.

  • I have controls in my business and a well thought out strategy for growth

  • My financial forecast brings my own business from an art to a science

  • I have access to all these great coaches with different skills that I can bounce ideas off

  • There is a consistent method in running my business – I am now not only a good coach, I now have a very strong coaching business. 

Peter McCleary

Peter McCleary

HRM Partners


0428 412 613

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