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I had enjoyed a senior HR career in both the private and public sector, including time as the HR Director for Hilton, London.  A more recent senior HR role with TAFE North Coast (NSW) confirmed my passion for HR, albeit in a challenging operating environment.  I finally became that ‘corporate refugee’, looking for a way to consult to business on strategy and HR – yet knowing that I didn’t have all the answers or solutions to make it work.

The HR Coach Academy just made sense.  Finally I had all of the solutions that I needed in a box and a process that was practical, pragmatic and logical which actually aligned with my own thinking and previous experiences.  By the end of the 2 weeks I was excited about the possibilities to make my business work, by having meaningful conversations with business owners to build relationships and to make these businesses more profitable. 

I am now lifting my profile in my regional market, while also re-connecting with executives I have worked with in the past.  I can’t wait to build a sustainable consulting business by delivering good, timely and effective work all of the time.  This will be achieved by making a positive difference for my clients every day. 

Making a positive difference for businesses every day by working on their People Engine!

  • Building a consulting business from ground zero seemed overwhelming – yet HR Coach have done the hard work to make it possible.  

  • Buying a licence and applying proven methods, systems and processes for my own consulting business makes great financial sense, as I can bill instead of building the wrong thing and make a positive difference every time

  • I can now re-build or fine tune the people engine of every business

  • The new IP each year means that I don’t have to think – just keep up

  • I will follow the bouncing ball, one bounce at a time, knowing that it will position my business for success.

Kayley Riddle

Kayley Riddle

People Engine

New South Wales


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