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I have made it big, big jobs, big results and I have been rewarded for it.  But now, its not enough.

You know I saw everyday that people are not managed well which affects the sales results of a business.  From training to process – it gets lost and no one is concentrating on it.

I knew that I would get into this kind of work one day and I just so happened to discover HR Coach when I was looking for a HRSI for my employer.

I talked with HR Coach and I couldn’t wait to get home to talk to Lorraine about what I found.

I said to Lorraine – this is our ticket out of here.  We never thought about going into business together before but we saw this was a great way to use both our skills.  I start something and Lorraine finishes it – perfect!

Let me tell you something – we practiced and role played during the Academy our sales pitch and client meetings during the workshop.  I was on the plane at home totally exhausted, and I had a text book meeting with the guy sitting next to me on the plan – who is now 2 weeks later – a fully fledged HR Plan Client.

Does the sales process work – absolutely!  It is all about the process and doing the numbers.

Colin Wilson

Colin Wilson

Key Business Advisors



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