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Why HR Coach

The HR Coach Difference...

We believe in the power of diversity and inclusion, in mutual respect and support.  With a strong business model and research behind us we believe in our difference....

Welcome to HR Coach

HR Coach works with individuals and businesses to start or expand their HR consultancy business using our research back tool and methodologies.

At the heart of it our certified HR Coaches work with businesses to establish and maintain the link between.  People and business strategy to improve business profit and performance

From 2003 our products and tools have been built off our ongoing research into the Australasian market.  Our toolkit of solutions ensures that our coaches are able to deliver practical, timely and effective solutions every time.

Linking Action to Strategy is fundamental to business success in the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) market in Australasia, rest assured 100% of our toolkit has been built with this goal in mind.

Using a pragmatic and operationally focused framework The Strategic Action Model (SAM) and National HR Framework help businesses understand the link between strategy and action, and plan for improvement.

Strategic Action Model-Network Member la

The Strategic Action Model™ is a key model created from the research and has become the cornerstone to the HR Coach Methodology.

Framework v4.png

The National Standard Human Resource Framework NS HRF 101:2010 was developed through research conducted by the HR Coach Research Institute and various industries bodies to establish a balanced method of human resources to minimise risk and maximise sustainability.

Our Vision

HR Coach Was Built to Turn Your Dream into a Reality..

At HR Coach we know that for a lot of people their dream is to run their own business.  However, being able to package your existing skills and knowledge and then leverage that into a commercial fit for you and your clients, has the potential to turn that dream into a bit of a nightmare.

We Have the Answer

We began researching the Australasian market in 2003.  Since then we have expanded our offering and developed many proprietary tools and cutting edge training based on our Australasian research.

We are proud to say, our network of Certified HR Coaches has expanded to over 135 across Australia and New Zealand, since our first licensee joined our network in 2007.  We are not a franchise!

Our business was built upon solving two significant issues facing HR professionals looking to launch their own HR Consulting businesses:

  1. How to leverage individual experience into a commercially sustainable HR business

  2. How to work for yourself without being alone (or a franchise).

HR Coach isn't a franchise.  We are a licence arrangement that allows you to run your business how you see fit. 

We provide executive training and research to support our products and tools, but don't take control of your business - after all it's your business.

Put Yourself in the Picture

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Who Are We Looking For?

We are seeking individuals and existing organisations who share our vision to work with us. Our mandate is to create meaningful shift, sustainability and growth with a network of like minded peers.

At HR Coach we understand that moving into your own business is a personal and complex decision and as a result we have developed a thorough due diligence process. Our aim is to provide you with concise information about the market and how a HR Coach can add value using proprietary tools and products.

Your skills and experience matter as much as your match with us..  Do we share the same values?

Business Growth

To challenge the industry do you have an entrepreneurial mind, can you act on opportunities, take ownership and embrace innovation? 


If this sounds like you we want to hear from you!

Client Centric

Are you able to put your clients first? Being customer focused puts you in a better position to help your clients, in an honest way. Clients sense and see that you are making an extra effort to understand their situation and to really understand them to be better able to help them get where they want to be.

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