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I Can Make a Positive Difference and Reinvent Myself for the Future

I was a HR Director with over 20 years-experience in the cut and thrust of corporate HR in both the UK and Australia and I became a ‘corporate refugee’. My HR initiatives and efforts continued to be stymied by overseas head office directives and influence and I felt that I was wasting my time and effort. I realised that I had got to that point in life where I needed to take back control and find an environment where I could make a positive difference with clients who valued performance improvement and profit. That meant I had to start my own consulting business, but I did not have any ideas on how to do that.

I went looking for a model that fitted with my thinking. I also needed it to be rigorous and research-based, and flexible enough to be able to deliver great outcomes for small, medium or large businesses.

The HR Coach solution exceeded even my own high expectations. The pragmatic and logical methods, systems and solutions could even make large HR teams more effective, yet they were designed for SME’s.

My pathway to making a difference on my terms is now clear. I have started re-connecting with former business contacts, and been surprised that they want to meet me. Those with HR challenges are even more surprised, because my language and philosophies have always aligned with business, and now I have a range of solutions at my fingertips that are equally aligned. Conversations with new contacts are also progressing well, as I simply apply the lessons from the second week of Academy.

I Can Make a Positive Difference and Reinvent Myself for the Future

  • Philosophies and solutions that align with my own thinking

  • Training and experience that gives me the skills and confidence to grow my own business

  • IP development, so I can focus on building the business and doing the work

  • Like-minded people to keep me energised and aligned

Paul Cripps

Paul Cripps

PK People Solutions

New South Wales


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