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Human Resources is a broad term that covers many different job roles. Most HR jobs are generalist jobs, which means that employees have to carry out a large range of duties over many different areas. However, some HR jobs are focused on a specific discipline of HR, for example, developing and implementing strategies or increasing employee engagement.

Regardless of the direction of an HR role, every human resource role is a complex role that requires a skilled and organised individual. The human resources side of a company makes up an integral part of any business and ensures that the right people are hired, that they're managed properly and helps with employee retention.

If you're based in Perth and are looking for some human resources consulting or HR support for your company, then you're in the right place. At HR Coach we offer a range of HR services that can help your business function to its fullest potential.

Our team is made of some of the nation's most skilled human resources professionals, and they have spent years developing proprietary tools that are designed to streamline human resource roles and assist employees to fulfill their duties.

As well as providing useful software solutions, HR Coach also has a range of consulting coaches on hand that can provide direct HR support. These coaches can train an aspiring HR employee or in house hr team and help shape them into excellent managers. They are also able to provide tips and advice in areas of need.

Along with offering software solutions and training, the team at HR Coach can help business owners with outsourced HR. Companies looking for an outsourced HR team can attain the help of the experts we have on deck and can have all of their HR needs taken care of externally.

If you're interested in any of the above offerings, read on for more information.

HR consulting coaches in Perth

The Perth team of HR coaches has been carefully headhunted to acquire some of the best human resources professionals in the business. When compiling our team, we've ensured that we hired HR coaches with varying skill sets. This means that we have coaches who are skilled in all areas of HR - from hiring to firing, to writing disciplinary policies, to enforcing disciplinary policies. You name a HR discipline, we have a Perth based expert who can help.

To find out more about the Perth based HR coaches we have on deck, and how they can help, click below to navigate to their specific bio.

Range of human resources services


It's well known that recruitment and staffing is a primary responsibility of a human resource employee. This is a skill that involves a significant amount of training in order to perfect. HR management must know the correct questions to ask and must present a professional persona.

It's also important for a successful HR consultant to be able to read an applicant and determine how honest they're being, and whether their skills and personality match the potential job role. Our coaches have decades of experience in recruiting staff for roles and can train aspiring staff on the matter.

Furthermore, the use of appropriate software can streamline the hiring process, and help in areas, like background checks.

Employee training and development

Training and development is another integral part of the human resources role. This refers to HR's responsibility to identify training needs and to implement training programs. Of course, training programs will vary greatly from role to role, but the program must always support the company's strategic goal.

Thorough training must be executed so that employees have the tools and knowledge required to excel in their new role. Goal setting is popularly used during training and development so that new employees have something to clearly work towards.

Of course, an area manager will be most familiar with a role and will play a part in devising a training plan. However, this job also falls on the shoulders of HR management. Successfully devising and implementing a training and development program over a variety of roles is a complex task that usually requires extensive experience to achieve.

Our HR coaches are able to assist with this job and can recommend computer programs that can streamline the process. Alternatively, if you're looking for someone to take care of your employee training and development, you can enlist the help of our outsourced HR team.

Maintaining a safe environment

It's the HR team's responsibility to ensure that employees have a safe environment to work in. This can mean many things, from making sure that employees are treated well by their co-workers, to ensuring that there are no occupational health and safety hazards within the workplace.

To provide a safe environment for employees, HR managers must identify any areas that this could refer to, and make sure that any problems are avoided. The easiest way to do this is through the use of comprehensive software that can give a running and updated list on employees and hazards.

Successful HR professionals - like our HR coaches - have extensive experience in identifying and addressing factors that make affect an employee negatively. The experts can help teach other HR consultants about how to successfully implement a safe environment for employees.

Conducting employee reviews

Performance management reviews are the cornerstone of any successful HR department. These reviews provide invaluable information about an employee's experience within a company and can help HR teams identify what is and isn't working.

Employee reviews can be conducted in a variety of ways, but are often done by having an employee answer some questions, before sitting down with a member of the HR team to discuss how they are going in their role. In order to get the most out of an employee review, the HR consultant should be very skilled in the manner they ask the questions, and about which questions they ask.

Successful performance management reviews are a proven way to increase employee retention.

Employee retention

Finding, interviewing and training a new employee can cost a company a significant amount of money. Plus, it's common for new employees to make mistakes, which can result in a loss of revenue for the company. These are some of the reasons who employee retention is so important for a company.

Employee retention is self-explanatory - it means retaining an employee and not having a high turnover of employees within a given role. There are many different methods that can be implemented to help increase employee retention. Some of these methods involved streamlined computer programs to find out invaluable data, while some involve having the skill and emotional intelligence to acquire a deep understanding of an employee's happiness within a business.

Human Resources Management Software Solutions

Employee retention

HR Staff Manager is a computer program that is specifically designed to make a human resources consultant or manager's life much easier. This proprietary tool provides members of the HR team a database that can be used between them to keep key information about each employee, like their salaries, performance reviews and information surrounding their learning and development.

This program is also extremely helpful with it comes to writing procedures and policies. Both documents are very detailed and important - and a policy must be ironclad because it stipulates what is and isn't allowed within a company. If an employee is reprimanded or terminated for actions that aren't outlined in the policy, the company can face serious legal action.

Fortunately, HR Staff Manager provides customisable templates, policies and HR processes that are specifically designed for small and medium Australian businesses. It's perfect for a new start up, or for a business looking to give their hr structures a facelift.

Career Monitor

Career monitor can help with employee retention by conducting interviews with current employees to measure their happiness. After all, interviews are commonly undertaken with new and exiting employees, so why shouldn't an engaged employee receive the same treatment?

By conducting an interview with an employee while they're still at the company, it allows the HR team to understand what they're happy with, and what can be improved. Identifying any problems before they cause an employee to quit, allows for time to fix the problems and results in a rise in employee retention.

STAR Workplace

STAR Workplace is a tool that analyses different areas of a business, like company culture, engagement and strategy, in order to determine what is working and what can be improved.

It's a workplace program in which a STAR practitioner will conduct an in-depth interview with you to fully understand the practices of your business. You will also be asked to answer a range of 30 statistically validated questions.

From here, the practitioner will analyse your business (or the business you work at) and deliver a two-hour presentation of the results with you and your leadership team, including a comprehensive management report, with all benchmark results.


Is HR consultancy a viable career choice?

A study in 2016 by the Australian Human Resources Institute said that out of 437 HR professionals, about 85% were satisfied or happy with their work. It is true that HR is often at the core of frustrating conflicts in a business and there are a number of challenges- like with all other businesses and departments.

However, with the increasing number of small to medium-sized businesses in Australia and a growing number of people who prefer to use outsourced consultancy services as opposed to hiring full-time staff, HR consultancy is a very promising career choice.

Can you open a consulting firm without HR experience?

Getting into HR without prior experience or education is common and many people discover that they particularly enjoy it once they are in the field. However, opening a consulting firm without prior experience may be a bit tricky and risky.

First of all, your clients may want to see some certifications or endorsements of your experience before they hire your firm.

Additionally, it is important to know how to grow a network and manage different aspects of a business before opening one. Since many issues in HR can get technical and frustrating, it is advisable for you to have some sort of training before you start working as a consultant and providing services.

Is a strong online presence essential to running an HR consulting business?

A strong online presence is highly advisable when running an HR consulting business because it is the fastest and most effective way of growing and leveraging your network. You can have thousands of contacts and educate your network about the services you offer via social media.

Social media plays an important role in presenting your message, disseminating it to a large audience, and helping you connect with an extended network.

Moreover, if an HR business is not on social media, clients may have a hard time trusting the business and communicating with the business. It is sometimes said that if you aren't on social media, you simply don't exist.

Therefore all HR consulting companies should work hard to develop a strong and engaging online presence and continue to interact with their target audience virtually.

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