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Human Resources is the practice concerning anything related to employees within a customer. It's a broad field that includes the recruitment of employees, any issues that they experience while employed and their termination.

Human resources is often mistaken for a role that just takes care of the hiring and firing of an employee. In reality, the job role of a human resource is much more complex. A human resource monitors employees the entire time they are with a company, implements policies to ensure the company runs smoothly and mediates any issues for any employee. Human resource consultants also devise and execute strategies designed to increase the company's growth and benefit it financially.

Whether your business has no HR department and wants to outsource a solution, or if you have HR professionals who are looking to boost their skills, HR Coach can help. We offer specially designed software solutions that can help HR improve and streamline its processes. We also have a large range of skilled HR consultants on our books who are able to provide tips and guidance to HR employees or provide HR support for a business in need of help.

Furthermore, we offer training programs designed to hone in on an HR employee's expertise and teach them skills that will help them become truly exceptional leaders.

Our team of coaches is made up of some of the most experienced and knowledgeable HR professionals in Australia. We have a number of highly successful consultants on our Sydney team, who are the best in the business. These coaches have decades of experience and can provide invaluable advice and help for a business.

Read on to find out how HR Coach can help your business thrive.

Our HR consulting coaches in Sydney, NSW

Aimee Zahorodny

Aimee Zahorodny

Robin Human Capital

NSW 2019

Philip Jenkins

Philip Jenkins

Benchmark Business Solutions

NSW 2428

Anna Finch

Anna Finch

Kardia HR

NSW 2540

Rod Smith

Rod Smith

People Management Partners

NSW 2300

Kayley Riddle

Kayley Riddle

People Engine

NSW 2444

Susan Judd

Susan Judd

HR Culture

NSW 2444

Paul Cripps

Paul Cripps

PK People Solutions

NSW 2155

Tamara James

Tamara James

Pulse HR

NSW 2864

Every HR coach that we work with has the appropriate education and is highly skilled in their area of expertise. All of our Sydney coaches are extensively experienced in working and leading in human resources roles. This group of experts is able to help a business transform its HR functions, give quality advice, steer them on the right path or implement strategies to help the company excel.

Our group of coaches has been carefully curated so that all areas of expertise are covered. Each of our coaches specialises in a specific area, and we are unable to allocate HR coaches that are best fitted to a company's specific needs. For example, implement and fine-tune strategies in order to increase employee retention, we have coaches who are experts in this. On the other hand, if a company is looking for help on how to recruit the perfect candidates, we have other consultants who specialise in this area.

Whether you're looking for an outsourced hr solution or just looking for some help in a specific area, our Sydney, NSW consultants can help.

Range of human resources services

General Support

There are many specific roles that Human Resource employees undertake, and with so many different hats, sometimes lesser experienced HR professionals need a little guidance in a partciular area. For example, an HR employee may find that they don't have enough time in their day to cover all of their tasks. Our consultants can assess the employee's workload and help make suggestions on how they can manage their time better, and still complete all of their tasks.

Sourcing ideal candidates

Finding the perfect candidate for a role is one of human resources' main responsibilities. An employee who isn't well suited to the job, or experienced enough, can often end up costing the company money through time spend on recruiting and training, and revenue that's lost because of their mistakes.

This is why finding the right candidate is so important. However, it's often easier said than done. Some candidates may present the perfect image during the interviewing phase, only to let their true colours show when they're hired. Our coaches have decades of experience vetting candidates and have the skills to detect may not be all their cracked up to be.

Writing policies

Most successful businesses will have a number of extensive policies implemented within the company. This should include general conduct, hiring, leave and termination, amongst others. Writing a policy can be technical and time-consuming, it must be worded in a particular way, and must cover everything, so that there are no loopholes in the policy. The policies must also be implemented properly so that employees follow them.

Because of the complexity of writing multiple policies, it can be hard for HR professionals to write and implement them within a timely manner, without neglecting other areas of their job. When it comes to policy writing, big businesses should consider outsourced HR solutions, who can put together the policies and leave the internal HR employee time to take care of other matters.

HR audit guidance

An HR audit is a practice of analysing a business's policies and procedures in an effort to determine what can be improved. It's a technical process that's usually undertaken by very experienced HR leaders and can benefit a business significantly.

If you're looking to conduct a HR audit, but aren't sure where to start, our coaches can help. Our team of Sydney NSW consultants can oversee the entire audit, or they can guide a company employee on how to do it.

Improving employee engagement

Employee engagement and employee retention is a pillar of business success. The act of ensuring the retention of beneficial employees is invaluable. Not only will it save a business money, it will help them boost revenue, too. Effect employee retention will also save considerable time for multiple staff members, resulting in higher revenue.

One of the key ways to increase employee retention is through increased employee experience. The employee experience is the relationship between an employee and their place of work. When this relationship is positive, an employee will enjoy their time at work more, resulting in increased productivity and better results.

Any good human resources consultant should be highly skilled in ways to improve the employee experience. If you're unfamiliar with specific acts to maximise this, we have many HR consultants that specialise in this practice.

HR Software Solutions

HR software can help a human resources professional in a number of ways. Firstly, there are many different pieces of software designed specifically to help HR professionals. Examples of this include surveys as well as employee analysation software.

Secondly, there are HR software tools that are informative programs for aspiring HR professionals. These programs can help employees learn and build new skills related to the industry. You can view all of the proprietary related tools we have available here, or read on for some specific information on three of our most popular.

STAR Workplace_edited.webp

STAR workplace

STAR workplace is a learning program that helps employees interested in HR hone in on their skills and learn practices specifically related to the industry. This program breaks down the main areas of the job, and helps students understand how each area can be properly grasped and implemented. This program covers employee alignment, employee commitment, employee loyalty and employee performance.

Fusion Culture.webp

Fusion Culture

Fusion culture is an hr software devised by HR Coach designed to engage employees and manage their development. The program uses surveys to help leaders effectively understand the needs and wants of employees so that the employee experience can be improved.

The program uses the employee's responses to produce a report on what can be improved in order to help a business thrive. Our coaches will provide advice in real time that's derived from the results. The program also allows employees to review their progress and set career goals.


Career Monitor

Career Monitor is a performance management initiative that helps leaders understand how an employee feels during their tenure. Exit interviews are commonplace when an employee leaves, but conducting initiatives to understand an employee's grievances during their employment is less common.

This piece of software helps human resource employees to understand exactly what employees are happy, or not happy with and what can be adjusted to achieve a better employer experience. The program has carefully devised open questions that will encourage an employee to be very honest.

One of the main benefits of implementing a program like this is the increase of employee retention. Understanding what isn't working for an employee while they are still employed allows a business to make changes before the employee is pushed to the point of resigning.


Is HR consultancy a viable career choice?

A study in 2016 by the Australian Human Resources Institute said that out of 437 HR professionals, about 85% were satisfied or happy with their work. It is true that HR is often at the core of frustrating conflicts in a business and there are a number of challenges- like with all other businesses and departments.

However, with the increasing number of small to medium-sized businesses in Australia and a growing number of people who prefer to use outsourced consultancy services as opposed to hiring full-time staff, HR consultancy is a very promising career choice.

Can you open a consulting firm without HR experience?

Getting into HR without prior experience or education is common and many people discover that they particularly enjoy it once they are in the field. However, opening a consulting firm without prior experience may be a bit tricky and risky.

First of all, your clients may want to see some certifications or endorsements of your experience before they hire your firm.

Additionally, it is important to know how to grow a network and manage different aspects of a business before opening one. Since many issues in HR can get technical and frustrating, it is advisable for you to have some sort of training before you start working as a consultant and providing services.

Is a strong online presence essential to running an HR consulting business?

A strong online presence is highly advisable when running an HR consulting business because it is the fastest and most effective way of growing and leveraging your network. You can have thousands of contacts and educate your network about the services you offer via social media.

Social media plays an important role in presenting your message, disseminating it to a large audience, and helping you connect with an extended network.

Moreover, if an HR business is not on social media, clients may have a hard time trusting the business and communicating with the business. It is sometimes said that if you aren't on social media, you simply don't exist.

Therefore all HR consulting companies should work hard to develop a strong and engaging online presence and continue to interact with their target audience virtually.

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