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Meet Our Team

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Our team is here to help you path the way to make your dream business a reality, as well as supporting you on that journey!


We work with individuals and businesses to start or expand their HR consultancy businesses using our research backed tools and methodologies


Peter McCleary,

Managing Director

After managing his own successful HR Consulting business from 2003, Peter joined HR Coach as a licensee in 2007.  In 2011 he became the Managing Director of HR Coach Australasia.  Over the past 40 years of working within businesses he has seen the challenges they face, aligning the actions of their people with strategic goals.

Peter now facilitates the accreditation process as well as providing ongoing support for new network members.

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Sam McCleary,

General Manager

Sam originally joined HR Coach Australasia in 2015 as the Finance Manager before becoming the General Manager in 2016.  Sam has  worked with large publicly listed international businesses and regionally focused SME's to ensure their strategic direction is aligned with the everyday activity of their people.

Sam works with Network members on a daily basis to ensure our products and services continue to deliver results, for our HR Coaches and their clients.

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Our Vision

HR Coach was Built to Turn Your Dream into a Reality.

At HR Coach we know that for a lot of people, their dream is to run their own business.  However, being able to package your existing skills and knowledge and then leverage that into commercial sense for you and your clients, has the potential to turn that dream into a bit of a nightmare.

We Have the Answer

We began researching the Australasian market in 2003.  Since then, we have expanded our offering and developed proprietary tools and training based on our Australasian research.  We are proud to say, our Network of Certified HR Coaches has expanded to over 135 across Australia and New Zealand, since our first licnsee joined our network in 2007.

Our business was built upon solving two significant issues facing HR professionals looking to launch their own HR Consulting businesses:

  1. How to leverage individual experience into commercially sustainable HR businesses

  • HR professionals spend a lifetime building their experience in many different businesses, both big and small.  This experience positions them well for working within smaller businesses, but it doesn't always create solutions that are commercially sustainable for all parties.  We have worked with over 135 individuals and businesses to understand their experience, and combine it with our products and tools built specifically for commercially sustainable HR businesses, so you are able to launch your business and start generating revenue today.

2.  How to work for yourself without being alone (or a franchise)

  • HR Coach isn't a franchise.  We are a licence arrangement that allows you to run your business how you want to.  We provide training and research to support our products and tools, but we don't take control of your business, as after all it's your business.  We offer many facets of support including monthly master coaching support tailored to your business for the first 15 months, as well as complimentary monthly interactive webinars to help you stay current in the market.

Our ongoing research into the Australasian market, ensures that our continuous product development solves the needs of Australasian businesses.  For you this means that you don't need to spend months developing new products for one client, and you can focus on what lights your fuse - working with businesses to improve their performance and profitability and making a difference!

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