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With 30 years in the corporate consulting market, I have been exposed to the oil industry and large consulting houses like Price Waterhouse Coopers. 

I love consulting and coaching, yet I found myself concerned about contracting due to the peaks and troughs of project work. I also knew that the last thing I wanted to do was to take another role. Imagining myself working in a corporate office again was far from what I wanted to do. It was time to back myself and take control of my own destiny.  

I started looking at HR Coach when in between contracting assignments. I returned to assess HR Coach seriously with the launch of Human Resources Framework HRF 101. Having watched HR Coach for a period of time, I could see the investment in ongoing product development and the serious application to businesses as a method for HR. 

The Academy bought clarity to developing the correct solutions for making it work for my clients.

I wanted to prove to myself that going into business was the right decision so I signed up my first clients prior to the academy. This enabled me to apply what I learnt at the HR Coach Academy straight away, being practical solutions for my clients.

I see this as my new beginning.

What’s the business opportunity?

  • The HRF 101 is a serious and practical approach for business. 

  • I have access to good solid Intellectual Property.

  • My business plan is tailored to meet my goals.

  • My advice to anyone is ‘reach for your dreams’.  Yes, change is challenging, but you know what, I was not alone.

Warren Howard

Warren Howard




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