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Leading and Managing Across the Generations.

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Experience shows us Gen Y and Gen Z, behave differently to leadership challenges. Unlike baby boomers who typically have responded to more directional management, these generations have been raised in an environment where leadership opportunities were plentiful through schooling and life, encouraged to challenge and validate from a young age.

These generations now make up a large portion of our workforce and leadership teams. So how does leadership and management differ, if at all and is there such thing as generational barriers, and if so how do organisations thrive through this? The broader question is how do we unlock the value add and overcome generational barriers at work?

The research shows us that there is more at play than just generational differences in the workforce. There is a battle between managers and employees within the generation groups and equality is the prize.

Over the last five years, HR Coach has been tracking business confidence through different mediums. The trends in data do show volatility with widespread effects across the macro global, political, social, economic and environmental landscape. One study done in 2008 which focused on Gen Y, showed Gen Y feeling harshly judged by other generations, although its important to note this was done in an economic climate of low employment and undersupply of employees, which should be taken into account.

Workplace dynamics do inevitability change over time, so what is current and relevant at this crossroads of generational difference is important. Understanding trends for the next five years will most definitely help in establishing what is manageable and controllable here and now!

For example, data extracted from STAR Workplace reporting over the last two years from 100 workplaces and 3,500 employees and managers across the generations, (Gen Z, Y, X, Baby Boomers and Veterans) in regards to equity, creating a great divide challenging both groups, measures were focused around highest and lowest satisfiers and key trends. Generation X giving the biggest surprise.

Click below to find out more surrounding the research and statistics, and decipher the four trends to help Unlock the Generation Code:

Generational Triggers | Generation X - Great Expectations and a Great Divide | Feedback - A New Perspective | Strategy and Productivity.

It becomes clear now that, overall results reveal new strategy and strategic HR trends. Taking the research to a new level when mapped to the HRF101 Human Resource Framework shows increased pressure upon leaders and employers, and a great divide than first realised between the generations showing very clearly a fresh new approach was needed.

Click to find out more by viewing our webinar.

If we have you intrigued and wanting to know more about the Generational Code research or STAR Workplace Program and how it can help improve productivity within your business, contact your local HR Coach or the HR Coach Team.

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