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Is the Picture too Big?

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

In the modern world we live in we spend all our time looking at the big picture, trying to be as inclusive as possible to ensure everyone is treated equally.

What if treating everyone the same puts people at risk? Or means we can't see the opportunities that are right in front of us.

I have been reading 'The Invisible Woman' by Caroline Criado Perez, which looks at the data gap between men and women in the real world.

Did you know that the tell tale signs for a heart attack are; pain or discomfort in the chest, pain in the left arm and shortness of breath - these symptoms are common just in men? I didn't I also found out that women are 47% more likely to be injured in car accidents because the majority of crash test dummies (and therefore safety measures), are based on a male's physique.

While reading this book, it made me realise that most businesses are doing the same thing when it comes to their employees.

When was the last time your business looked at the difference between genders, generations,positions, departments and locations, when reviewing your own data? Are we so focused on being inclusive that we are missing real opportunities for growth?

The next time you run an engagement or culture survey, look at the overall numbers, but don't think that making improvements for the average employee actually represents all employees.

Programs like the STAR Workplace Program and Fusion Culture Program allow businesses to seize opportunities for all employees, regardless of their demographic and rather than just focusing on the average. Afterall, wouldn't you want to work in a business that focuses on you as a person rather than the average of your peers?

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