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Cultivating Management Culture

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Every business wants to be a high performer - and every business owner is looking for the magic bullet to make it happen. Let's face it, there are no quick fix solutions that can make your business a success. If there were, then we would all have extremely successful businesses at the drop of a hat, but it's just not that easy. What if it wasn't some quick-fix magic bullet concoction though? What if it was some slowly building ball racing down a high street, knocking over everything in it's path (in this analogy, everything in it's path is your competitors and anchors holding your business back)!

Intuitively, we know that culture drives performance. We can identify businesses that have a 'good' culture and those that have a 'bad' culture, and this assessment is often based on single points of interaction with people from a business. In spite of this, based on work with over 4,000 Australasian SME's, we know that most business owners and managers struggle to identify or articulate what their core culture drivers are for their business. So we have people looking from the outside into our business making a judgement on our culture based on one interaction - and our business leader's can't even identify what's driving our culture. Seems like 'Cultivating Management Culture' might be a stretch when we first need to 'identify culture'..

HR Coach's ongoing research into the SME market (starting way back in 2003) has helped identify what the 5 key management culture drivers are to businesses, and what the high performing organisations do that the others fall short on. How does your business rate in these factors:

  1. Self Motivated Managers

  2. Good Quality Communicators

  3. Team Leadership

  4. Business Acumen

  5. Quality of Planning and Being Organised

Once you can match these key drivers to your business, you can then start focusing on cultivating these drivers to add value.

To find out more and join the discussion on Cultivating Management Culture, how to measure your key drivers and how to make small changes that can lead to big results - download our white paper: Cultivating Management Culture.

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