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5 Effective Conversations - Moving from Time Consuming Activity to Driving Bottom Line Results..

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Imagine, it's Monday morning and after reviewing your emails and calendar you realise you are due in your first might be a regular sales, project or business development meeting or even the monthly board meeting, you may even need to attend many of these same meetings throughout the day. After your first meeting is over, you pose the question to yourself; how can I avoid wasting my time in unproductive meetings?

What differentiates high performing organisations from those that are stuck on the gerbil wheel, busy being busy but never actually achieving?

A recent study undertaken by HR Coach found that high performing organisations were 12% more satisfied with formal communication processes, 13% more satisfied with team leadership and 16% more likely to describe management as good quality communicators.

The research went beyond just the numbers and looked at individual comments to identify the common themes. What became apparent was the quality of conversations people were having at work.

Effective conversations generally are a moot point in most organisations and also a point of pain, we know we didn't get what we needed from the 'conversation' or 'meeting', but that is normally as far as it goes.

We identified that 5 Effective Conversations were paramount in a business team looking to align their strategy with their activity these are:


This is identified as a crucial conversation with the theme of 'Planning the Future'.


This is identified as a smart conversation to support 'Accelerated Performance'.


This is identified as a critical thinking conversation to 'Build Resilience'.


This is defined as an intelligent conversation to build 'Mindful Leadership'.


This is defined as a belonging conversation to 'Create Partnerships'.

Meetings themselves are the worst offenders in communication processes, by being prepared, identifying roles, and evaluating the meeting, businesses can move their meetings from time consuming activities to events which improve strategic alignment and drive results to their bottom line.

To find out more about the 5 Effective Conversations, Mastering Meetings or Benchmarking low and high performing businesses to improve performance and profitability, please contact your local HR Coach or call the HR Coach team on 1300 550 674

For more information you can download our 5 Effective Conversations White Paper

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