Foundation Methodology

Linking Action to Strategy is fundamental to business success in the SME market in Australasia. 100% of our toolkit has been built with this goal in mind. The Strategic Action Model™ and the National HR Framework  help business understand the link between Strategy and Action and plan for improvement using a pragmatic and operationally focused framework.

Read more about our Foundation Methodologies below:


Strategic Action Model

The Strategic Action Model™ is a key model created from the research and has become the cornerstone to the HR Coach Methodology.


Based on research from 5000 Australasian businesses, it showed that there was a strong link between the strategy of the business, the activity or action of the employee workforce and the overall performance of the business.


National HR Framework HRF101

The National Standard Human Resource Framework NS HRF 101:2010 was developed through research conducted by the HR Coach Research Institute and various industries bodies to establish a balanced method of human resources to minimise risk and maximise sustainability.

The Framework is the overarching method of how HR Coaches work with clients and provides a structured approach which directly links to business outcomes.

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