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What is the Framework

National HR


The HRF-101 Human Resource Framework is a National Standard.  



Standards are developed in three ways;

  • National Standards - developed by the market 

  • AS/NZ Standards - developed through Standards Australia

  • ISO Standards - developed by an international committee under the United Nations agenda


The HRF-101 Human Resource Framework is used by members of the HR Coach Network to assist organisation's with implementing best practice Human Resources methodologies and systems to minimise organisational risk and maximise organisational sustainability.  The HRF-101 Human Resource Framework has been implemented in organisation's of all sizes throughout the Australasia region.


How Did the Framework Come About

The National Standard HRF 101:2010 Human Resource Framework was developed from a specific need identified in the business sector and method of business.

Since 2000, the HR Coach Research Institute has prototyped, tested and developed case studies for effective human resource strategies for the business sector.

Commencing specific human resource research projects in 2002, the HR Coach Research Institute was developed to evaluate current and emerging trends within people management practice.

Human Resources as a profession, has been widely accepted within corporate and government environments to ensure equity, fairness and compliance of people management strategies.  For businesses without human resource professionals, it is unregulated and ill managed.  To date, there has been no 'standard' applied to people management strategies outside of legislative requirements by different government regulations for organisations.

As the global economy continues to grow more dependent on collective international results, the migration of skilled and unskilled labour, the creation of free-trade agreements and the intensity of management issues relating to diverse workforces, will increasingly place the quality of people management under the microscope.

Within management systems, it is accepted that a business has a clearly identified strategic and business plan, financial plan, sales and marketing plans, governance and environmental plans.  The missing piece of strategy is clear!

For most organisations its people represent significant cost, risk and opportunity.  Despite this, there is no strong mandate within management practice that human resource management be proactive and an established discipline within business.  Management systems are therefore incomplete.  The stronger the link between the human resource framework and the business strategy, the more likely it is that evidence based management decisions will lead to improvements in productivity, performance and outcomes.

The community benefit is the creation and sustainability of jobs through improved management practice.

The creation of the National Standard is the first step towards sustainable human resource strategies for organisations - irrespective of size.  This standard provides a simple and flexible framework easily adopted or implemented, without imposing an additional burden on the organisation.

If you'd like to learn more about the standard click below to purchase your copy of the National Standard HRF 101:2010 Human Resource Framework.


Straight forward to implement and we can show you how!

HR Coach provides programs for organisations that wish to implement the HRF 101:2010 Human Resource Framework.

The program allows organisations to identify and validate their existing human resource processes and practices.

Further to this, the program provides an opportunity to improve, bolster or create any elements needed within the HRF 101:2010 Human Resource Framework.

For further information pertaining to the implementation program, including program structures, get in touch.

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