Benchmarking - legal IP theft?

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Who would have thought that one of the key topics of 2020 would be IP theft? I definitely didn’t. But here we are, over half the way through 2020, easily the most challenging year of my life and the second page of most news sites have articles about IP theft.

Some researchers have even said that China’s corporate espionage outweighs all other spying and surveillance, by every other country, combined!

Microsoft has even been asked to purchase the US arm of TikTok to reduce risk (for an asking price of 30 billion USD…)

So how do small and medium businesses keep up, when some of the largest companies in the world use underhanded techniques to stay on top? If you are like me then ethically you will have more than a few issues with blatantly copying technology, processes and products. But there are legal ways that can help you sleep straight at night.