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Sea Change Preparation... No it's a life change!

I loved my career as HR Director with a national distribution company yet was planning for years to make a sea change with the family.  The planning entailed something new for me too – not just to recreate the life I already had. 

HR Coach was the answer!  I had the ability to work with the business sector, have a fresh approach to my own skill set and not within the limitations of traditional HR. All while creating the lifestyle of tropical North Queensland for me and my family.  

What I liked about HR Coach when I was evaluating the opportunity – is that they are not a sales organisation – so I was not being sold to.

They allowed me to work through the process step by step and the due diligence was thorough. The HR Coach Team respected that it was a big decision for me to move my family from Sydney to Townsville and start up my own business.

I was confident in my skills and I could see myself being a HR Coach and working with the Network.

Now living at beautiful Townsville, I am setting myself up for a lifetime change.

My advice to anyone is ‘realise your dreams’.  Yes, there is a lot to sort through when you make a change – but you know what – I was not alone.

It was time for a change for me and my family.  Not only is my family going to benefit from living in the tropical north, I know I am going to succeed.  I am not alone, with the HR Coach Network and other HR Coaches in Townsville; I have all the support I need.  

This is the life I want to lead.  It’s my choice

Mary Stevenson

Mary Stevenson

HR Business Essentials


1300 856 996

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