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Hi, I’m Kylie and this is my story….

I had been a HR Manager/ senior HR Business Partner for 8 years operating across all areas of HR in both large and medium sized businesses. In 2018 I decided to walk away from senior HR corporate roles as they lacked the flexibility that I needed as a working Mum. I started my own consulting business, only to realise that having lots of knowledge on all things HR is great, but of little use if you can’t secure clients to pay for your efforts and knowledge.

I took a temporary employment relations role with a national consulting business servicing the SME market and realised that while their service offering was incomplete, the market was huge. I also worked out that the needs of SME’s are very different from corporates and I would need to build my own offering to make my transition into consulting actually work. I didn’t know where to start, then remembered that I had briefly looked at HR Coach some years earlier as an option to consult into the SME sector.

As I went through their recruitment process I realised that their product/package offering was substantially more extensive than I had realised or would ever need. More importantly, their material and experience gave me the confidence that I could actually make this HR consulting business work.

The Academy was more challenging than I ever expected, as relearning HR to make it fit for purpose for SME’s is difficult when you arrive with corporate HR thinking. On reflection the course needs to be longer to give participants time to adjust and relearn – and if I had this new found HR knowledge when I had been in my last HR Manager role, I would have been a rock star.

The other upside is that I now have a sales method that works for me and I am already implementing it in my local SME market.

  • I needed a one-stop solution for HR in SME’s

  • ‘Following the bouncing ball’ is critical to my business success

  • New IP means that I don’t have to think – someone is doing it for me

  • I love building my business on my terms, and I know that the harder I work, the better my business will be

Kylie Milton

Kylie Milton

Heartbeat HR



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