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I had enjoyed a career in both technical and corporate HR environments and had already been contracted to consult and deliver positive change in businesses in both Australia and overseas.

I have completed my Masters degree to position myself for the future. It was a natural step that I would then take the opportunity to build my own consulting business.

I also realised that I needed to expand my service offering to ensure that I could work more effectively with potential clients. I knew I didn’t have a go-to-market strategy or solutions that could engage my potential clients

I looked at a number of options in the marketplace and ultimately found that HR Coach provided the best model for me with the lowest entry and ongoing costs. They were transparent and open about what they did, the tools they had and the opportunities in the market!

I now have a way to move forward with my own business!

  • The tools, methods and systems mean that I can look good with my clients every day.

  • I can now talk the language of business, and clients get it.

  • I have expanded my licence to include Papua New Guinea, which opens up another world of possibilities.

Dale Harrison

Dale Harrison

Evolution Happens



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