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I am an extremely focused HR Professional that has recently relocated to the country to be closer to family. As a young professional and mother, I was looking for a stimulating career that had inbuilt flexibility for my family needs.

In looking for my next opportunity, I wanted to make sure it utilised my considerable HR experience and desire to make a difference in the rural market.

The HR Coach method enables me to be in control of how I work with my clients and also how I structure my days in building my business. This is perfect as I have encountered a strong demand for my services in my region. I have already subcontracted work to two other HR Coaches in the Network.

The tools and programs that form the HR Coach Tool kit will complement my experience whilst providing practical straightforward tools for my clients.

The research and development from the HR Coach Research Institute is very impressive. I was particularly impressed with the National Standard NS HRF 101. I can see that utilising a structured framework will allow businesses to minimise their risk and maximise their sustainability in a structured way.

My business is already successful and I am been approached by more and more businesses looking for help. Subcontracting through the Network is a perfect way for me to build my business while maintaining family obligations.

  • I have leading-edge methods – that give me an advantage in the market

  • My business plan is tailored to meet my goals.

  • The NS HRF 101 has given me an excellent framework for client HR Plans.

  • I love being able to help businesses build sustainable and happy workplaces.

  • I am working with high-quality professionals within the Network.

  • I am independent!

Tamara James

Tamara James

Pulse HR

New South Wales

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