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Hi, I’m Hina and this is my story…

I arrived at HR Coach via a circuitous route. I had worked overseas in corporate HR, after completing graduate and post-graduate studies in HR and business. I knew that HR was the spot for me, but after moving to Australia I found I secured higher level admin/customer service/business roles, and struggled to secure the right HR role because of my lack of specific Australian experience. I also knew I had an entrepreneurial spirit, so I purchased a restaurant franchise and learnt about the challenges of human resources in Australia as a business owner.

It was a great learning opportunity, as every decision directly impacted on the profitability of the business – and really changed my ideas on how to make HR work in SME’s. After nearly 6 years and national recognition for the restaurant’s success I reassessed my goals in life. I needed to find a way to combine my knowledge and experience into a consulting business, where I could support other business owners to also succeed.

When I found HR Coach I knew I had the right solution for me. It made the HR even easier for my restaurant, which meant it would work for every SME. It also showed me how to move out of the transactional (and necessary) HR, into the tactical and strategic HR appropriate for SME’s. Finally, the licencing model was really fiscally attractive, after my experiences with a franchise model and ongoing franchise fees that are linked to the income in the business.  Finally, the harder I worked, the more returns would come to me.

  • The licencing fees are so much cheaper than a franchise model, they are designed to reward me for my business’s success

  • I can run my business my way doing the work that I want to do, knowing that at any point I can do anything in this HR/business space

  • I get to attend refresher training every month and an annual conference to remind me of the steps I should be taking to expand my business services

  • I joined HR Coach because I needed a one-stop solution for HR in SMEs

  • New IP means that I don’t have to think – someone is doing it for me

Hina Patel

Hina Patel

HR Ignite Solutions



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