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It was an honour when I was chosen to join the HR Coach Network and build my business in Darwin. 

I had been looking for a business opportunity in this area for a long time but nothing felt right. I didn’t want a franchise and be told what to do. 

I wanted my independence, I wanted to work in the unique areas and deal with the unique issues of the NT environment. I know working with croc farms and indigenous communities is going to create remarkable opportunities that are very different to those experienced by my colleagues in the other cities. 

Using the HR Coach Business model, tools and programs within the toolkit and my experience, I have practical solutions that suit the requirements of businesses in the Northern Territory. The business methodology is sound allowing me to innovate, expand and develop a competitive advantage. 

I am not alone in this endeavour. I meet regularly with my Master Coach and can tap into other Coaches within the Network at any time. The Network is full of people who have walked the path before me and can provide support and inspiration as I start my journey. 

My Future - My Life

  • I fulfill both my needs – build good revenue and make a difference.  I know I am contributing to the local NT business community.

  • Using HR Coach leading edge methods gives me an advantage in the market.

  • I am driven by goals and achieving results – which are easy to track through my business plan and ongoing Master Coaching.

Gae Mackay

Gae Mackay

Tactical Coach

Northern Territory


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