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A HR Coaching business to me was a logical choice. With a strong history in recruitment within the blue collar sector I could see the growth opportunities in retention and compliance strategies – particularly for that sector. 

What I didn’t have were the tools and the know how to bring it together. The due diligence process was very important to me as I needed to be confident that I had not only a sound business model and strong commercial IP.  I also needed to ensure I had the support of Professional Network of peers and the ability to develop long term strategic alliances with fellow HR Coaches. 

The Academy was a focused program designed to help me understand how the tools and products provide real time solutions for businesses. The HR Coach Methodology and Coaching Kit provides me with immediate solutions to work with clients from day one and to manage cash flow effectively. 

Week two of the program was all about my business.  We developed a business strategy that maximizes my background and industry relationships so I can create a sound future and assist businesses proactively. 

I am looking forward to meeting all the other Coaches in the Network at our annual conference this year.  

My Time My Opportunity

  • The hard work has been done

  • I am trained by people who know this market and business back to front

  • Practical solutions with smart Intellectual Property

  • Independence to evolve and grow my business while capitalising on rising market opportunities. 

Divyesh Nathoo

Divyesh Nathoo

Twin Consulting



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