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Vanessa Petch

I Had Been a HR Manager with a Flexible Work Arrangement for Years.  I Wanted the Same Flexibility, While Positively Impacting More Businesses!


Hi I'm Vanessa and this is my story..

I had been working as a HR Manager for many years, in what had become a very flexible role on my terms.  A change in company leadership prompted me to reassess how to capitalise on my skills and experience, and still provide me the flexibility I needed.

I knew that I had lots to learn and did not want to go alone and learn things the hard way.  I was initially attracted to the offering from The HR Dept, until I reviewed their franchise agreement in detail.  The costs associated with the 5 year agreement, and their focus on transactional HR prompted me to try to identify other options.  When I found HR Coach, I genuinely thought I had found the perfect solution for me, but then had to wait until the next Academy was scheduled to get on board.

The Academy content just made sense - pragmatic, logical and aligned with my thinking.  I also learnt a range of solutions that I could have implemented in my former role, which would have positively impacted on the business. 

I have now become a disciple of Coach methods, and am frequently advised that it is refreshing to have a HR consultant focused on getting people more aligned with the needs of the business.  SAM and the Framework continue to position me in my market beyond just transactional HR.

The Best Option to Build and Grow my Own Business

  • Licence model much cheaper than the franchise model

  • Products, processes and methods gets me to be a tactical/strategic partner

  • I get to charge what makes sense to me - and the dollars come to me

  • I am supported to improve on my successes, until I am comfortable in my own skin

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