Economic Outlook

Economic Outlook · 26. March 2020
Our understanding of what stimulus packages and financial hardship opportunities are available to for individuals/casual/sole traders & SME's.
Economic Outlook · 18. June 2019
The Quarterly Review Reports for March 2019 are in!

Economic Outlook · 19. August 2018
The More Things Change the More They Stay the Same..

Economic Outlook · 27. March 2018
This Quarter business confidence is showing caution with a dip matching the volatility of the economy. The top 3 issues have taken a shift this quarter with business owners focus on: lack of work/sales; finding and keeping staff; and, cashflow/debtor management. For Human Resources the number of average weekly job ads also supports this concern of finding and keeping staff! To read more and get your own copy of the Q2 Australian HR Quarterly Index for 2017/18 click here to download.

Economic Outlook · 31. October 2017
This Quarter business confidence is up, with the score sitting at the equal highest level since March 2010! Good news for the Sales Value also which is on the increase, after a dip last quarter. The top 3 issues have taken a shift this quarter with business owners focus on: lack of work/sales; finding and keeping staff; and cashflow/debtor management. For Human Resources things are positive also with growth to the expected increase of the wages bill, and following on from last quarter a steady...

Economic Outlook · 26. June 2017
What a great start we've had in 2017 for the Australian Market. Business Confidence is up 8% with a continuing trend from June last year. The data paints a great picture, one which we hope continues. On the human resource side, wage bills are expected to increase less and workforce size expectations remained stable. Unemployment is steady at 5.7% as was the participation rate. Within the top three issues facing Australian businesses competition is taking the lead replacing cash flow and bad...

Economic Outlook · 14. November 2016
Australian HR Quarterly Index Report We aren't expecting a significant change within the business sector due to no improvement in expectation for growth or capital expenditure. Within Human Resources, the wages bill is on the increase in line with concerns around finding and keeping staff. For the first time in the history of the Quarterly Index within the top three issues, bureaucracy is featured. There is no obvious, standout trigger for this aside from the ever growing compliance burden on...

Economic Outlook · 05. November 2014
The definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over yet expecting a different result. The time has come to look beyond the next quarter and to start planning for the future...

Economic Outlook · 25. August 2014
Labour is one of the largest costs to organisations. Inflation, low employment and skill shortages can all drive wages higher and have done in the past 5 years.. Organisations are constantly under threat due to the increasingly complex labour market and the volatility of global economies. The unpredictable trends of skills shortages, redundancies, employee expectations, demographic shifts, currency and interest rates and industrial relation changes have all contributed to the lack of confidence...

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