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Business Confidence

Business Confidence on the Increase!

This Quarter business confidence is up, with the score sitting at the equal highest level since March 2010!  Good news for the Sales Value also which is on the increase, after a dip last quarter.


The top 3 issues have taken a shift this quarter with business owners focus on: lack of work/sales; finding and keeping staff; and cashflow/debtor management.

For Human Resources things are positive also with growth to the expected increase of the wages bill, and following on from last quarter a steady increase to 17% in businesses expecting to increase the size of their workforce!


Key indicators for this quarter are very positive - lets hope this feeling remains.


About the HR Quarterly Index Dashboard Report

The HR Quarterly Index Dashboard Report is a HR Coach Australasia initiative that reports on the business and human resource developments of the past quarter.

The report evaluates measurements of business confidence, policy changes, market volatility and people issues and identifies the perceived impact on business performance.


To read more and get your own copy of the Quarter 1 Australian HR Quarterly Index click HERE


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Getting out of the Dog House

Getting Out of the Dog House


Often in work, teams are thrown together based on experience and knowledge but little thought is actually placed on how the team will work together(or if they can work together!). Yes they have the ability to complete their individual tasks separately but how is the dynamic of the team impacting the results?


When emotional intelligence (EQ) first appeared to the masses in 1995, it served as the missing link between personality and IQ and helped explained how people with average IQs outperformed those with the highest IQs the majority of the time. Critically, those with high levels of EQ had the ability to overcome their IQ and personality shortfalls to become star performers and set themselves above the rest of the pack.


While personality and IQ can only marginally change over your lifetime (most research shows that these factors can only change by 1% over a lifetime), EQ can be developed over time.


The first 50 people to register their details below will receive a free hard copy of “Getting out of the Dog House’ – a 70 page parable which highlights how different personalities and team members can work together to get out of the dog house!


*Limited to 1 free book per person, free postage to Australian addresses only.


Please register me for a free copy of Getting Out of the Dog House

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It doesn't matter about Employee Satisfaction

It doesn't matter about Employee Satisfaction

Since the 1980’s, employee satisfaction has been considered the driving metric in employee performance and, ultimately, business performance. The ROI has always thought to be that happy employees lead to a more productive workforce. However if this ‘productivity isn’t adding value to the bottom line, what does it matter?


Research from MITsloan in 2015 identified that employee satisfaction represents only 25% of what actually contributes to business performance – and the focus needs to be on engagement and alignment. Businesses that focus solely on satisfaction are missing 75% of the puzzle – and missing the bottom line value which comes from engaged and aligned activity.


HR Coach’s ongoing research in the Australian market since 2005, shows that there is a direct link between engaged employees aligned to the strategic goal of the business and business success.  Businesses without strategic alignment are busy being busy, like gerbils on a wheel, and the only thing stopping them from exiting the market is the activity of their employees. They aren’t growing, they are just holding on. Focusing solely on satisfaction is the same as the finance team focusing solely on reducing expenses and not worrying about revenue and cashflow while still expecting the business to improve. Take a wholistic (engagement and alignment) approach to your business, and you will find that the wage payments you make every fortnight can actually drive exponential growth to your bottom line.


2014 research highlighted the difference between businesses with high levels of engagement and those with low levels of engagements. Highly engaged businesses had:

  • 22% increase in profitability;
  • 10% improvement in customer satisfaction;
  • 10% reduction in product defects or returns;
  • 48% reduction in safety incidents;
  • 37% reduction in absenteeism; and
  • 28% reduction in shrinkage or theft.

If you want to stay or become a high performing business, you need to measure the right things. Employee satisfaction counts, but it is not enough. Engagement and alignment are core.


To see how your business rates on engagement and alignment, visit or fill in your details below and we will be in touch:

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Growth of Women in Micro Business

Growth of Women in Micro Business

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Business Confidence Is Up..

HR Quarterly Index - Business Confidence Is Up..

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Engagement Isn't Enough - Alignment is the Key to Success.

Engagement Isn't Enough - Alignment is the Key to Success

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Party Season

Party Season for the Responsible Workplace..

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Business Confidence Bounces Back

Australian Business Confidence Bounces Back After Dip Last Quarter

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Time for a Change

Time For A Change

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Employee Retention

Employee Retention - Rising to the Great Business Challenge

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Accelerating Performance

Accelerating Performance Through Engagement

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Building Bridges Through Succession Planning

Building Bridges - Succession Planning Using the National HR Framework

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Generation Y and Strategy

Generation Y - Strategy Driving Businesses Forward!

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5 Effective Conversations

5 Effective Conversations - Moving from Time Consuming Activity to Driving Bottom Line Results!

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Retention is Key

Retention is Key in the Coming Months

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Staff Retention

Staff Retention and Engagement Paramount

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Minimise Risk, Maximise Sustainability

Minimise Risk, Maximise Sustainability with the National Standard HR Framework.

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Key Attributes of High Performing Businesses

5 Top Attributes of High Performing Businesses

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Benchmark Now for Future Profitability and Productivity!

How Benchmarking Now will Lead to Better Business Results

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Is it Time to Look Outside the Box?

Looking Outside the Box

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