Our Research

Human Resources and business practice constantly evolve to keep pace with emerging issues and trends. At HR Coach, we understand that it is important to identify these changes as they happen, and to identify trends before they take effect in order to best deal with and benefit from them. Our collaborative approach to research brings together senior executives, advisors, human resource professionals, special interest groups and expert matter specialists to make a difference to our understanding and application of knowledge for organisations now and in the future.

Our Charter

Sponsored by HR Coach, our research is an innovation think tank dedicated to researching and understanding Human Resources and business trends that impact on the agility of human resource practice for the sustainability of strategy and its implementation.

Our Research Is

  • Collaborative – to maximise research resources
  • About understanding through knowledge
  • Challenging to conventional or assumed thinking
  • Practical – our research is directly linked to application to improve work practice and social wellbeing for employers and employees

Research Projects


Our major research areas include the alignment of human resource practice and business strategy. Since 2002, the research projects have extended to include:

  • Organisational Behaviour in the Business Sector 2003
  • Workflow and Compliance in people management 2003
  • Gap Analysis – Strategic Intent and Strategic Drift in people management – 2004
  • HR Quarterly Index Report – 2005 to 2010
  • International Labour Trends – 2007
  • International Flexibility Trends – 2007
  • Regional Labour Trends for the tourism industry – Queensland 2007
  • Generation Y Impact on Strategy – 2008
  • National Internal Pressure Report – Employers and Employees Expectations 2009, 2010
  • Demographic Analysis – Impact of the Ageing Population 2010 – 2020

Without the funding and sponsorship of HR Coach, the research agenda would not be possible.

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To find out more please contact the HR Coach corporate office on 1300 550 674 or click HERE to email us.


About Us

HR Coach Australasia is a national professional services group of over 130 Network Members committed to creating value by improving the alignment of people with their business strategies.  The group has a strong and established reputation that is built on a history of understanding, objectivity and practicality.  Our clients are organisations of all sizes, operating in most geographic locations in Australasia from all industries.


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