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My advice to anyone is ‘realise your dreams’.  Yes, there is a lot to sort through when you make a change – but you know what – I was not alone.

It was time for a change for me and my family.  Not only is my family going to benefit from living in the tropical north, I know I am going to succeed.  I am not alone, with the HR Coach Network and other HR Coaches in Townsville; I have all the support I need.  

This is the life I want to lead.  It’s my choice.

The marketing information and HR Plan has given me an excellent framework for my business and for clients HR Plans.

I have a business that truly reflects who I am and the work I want to do.  This will position me strongly in the market with a great point of difference – linking people to profit!

I have reinvigorated my passion for my work life.

Philip Jenkins

Philip Jenkins

Benchmark Business Solutions

New South Wales


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