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With a background in large organisations and hospitality, I specialised within the broad arena of HR in what has now become known as People & Culture. I have always found that great results come from providing people with the right tools to become great performers.

When I started to develop the foundations of my business, I wanted to ensure flexibility for me and my family. I was looking for suitable tools and solutions People Motion could offer to clients. I explored the option of franchises, yet I felt I had a lot of experience and ability to make my own mark. 

Then I discovered HR Coach. They could fill the gap I felt I had in my business and add value to the support I can provide to businesses. Their STAR Workplace is a key solution from HR Coach backed by research that I can offer whilst leveraging my own skills.

I enjoy contributing to the Network and sharing my knowledge and experiences in change management.

Change is Positive!

  • I had excellent coaching and support to make sure my business was set up and ready to go once I had finished the Academy

  • HR Coach aligns with my business goals is to help businesses advance performance, align business capability and drive profitability through people.

  • My HR Coach business plan is tailored to meet my business objectives

  • The marketing information and HR Plan has given me an excellent framework for my business and for Clients HR Plans. 

Geoff Snowden

Geoff Snowden

People Motion

New South Wales


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