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I love customer service businesses and helping people to grow.

As the winner of the PMA National Young Achiever of the Year and other numerous industry awards for operational excellence, I have had a successful career and I have always loved my job.

As Global Retail Manager for Intrepid Travel I was not unhappy with my work or my life.  I loved my work and the company.  But I can tell you honestly – I wanted more!

I came across HR Coach and I knew instantly that this was something that I really had to explore – for me.

After careful evaluation, and talking with the other coaches, I started to plan my transition into my own business.  

I wanted to do the right thing.  I carefully managed my exit because I am passionate about my team, the job I do and the company. I love Intrepid and they love me too!  They were so happy for me to start my own business and they have been really supportive every step of the way

I now have Intrepid as my first client – and I am confident they will be a client for life. Being an HR Coach allows me to continue working with them, but now I can work with other inspirational businesses as well!

The HR Coach Academy was fantastic in getting me focused and understanding how to work with businesses so I build scale in my own business whilst delivering quality work for every client.  

What’s My Business?

  • My business name is HR Staff n’ Stuff.  

  • I love it!  It is bright, energetic and lots of fun.  I have been told that people love my energy and I have tailored my business to match it!  

  • The marketing information and HR Plan has given me an excellent framework for my business and for clients HR Plans.

  • Being genuine is very important to me.  I have a business that truly reflects who I am and the work I want to do.  This will position me strongly in the market with a great point of difference – linking people to profit!

Deborah Peppard

Deborah Peppard

HR Staff 'n' Stuff



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