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2023/23 Network Membership Options


HR Coach Membership

Your Options

It is a pleasure working with you to build your business as a member of the HR Coach Network. As we build the Network together, we are also creating an industry that is gaining momentum and a wider awareness in the market. 

Being an active member of the Network has many other benefits, including:

  • Access to ever-evolving HR Coach tools and methodologies;

  • Significant discounts when using HR Coach online products to support the growth of your business;

  • Access to ongoing and relevant research, focusing on the Australasian market; 

  • Development of new client materials and solutions;

  • Improvements and expansions of the Business Partner network; and

  • An expanding presence in the Australasian market.

Licence holders who do not choose to contribute towards ongoing product development and support will naturally still have access to their current toolkit on their system. Higher processing fees may also apply to products and services should you wish to access them without a Gold Network Membership. 

We encourage you to participate in the HR Coach Network at whatever level makes sense to your business. As a Gold Network Member, your involvement and contribution enables a high research agenda and continuous development to raise the standards of your service delivery offering to your clients. We look forward to your continued Network Membership at whichever level is right for you and your business:


Gold Network Member: For Coaches actively building their business and method of client work with access to all new products, solutions, product support, discounts and ongoing development for the term of their membership. 


Bronze Network Member: Standard membership to the HR Coach Network. Standard member access fees apply to HR Coach support and services. Bronze Members continue to have access to the toolkit provided to them at their Academy.  

Note: Upgrading your membership from Bronze to Gold requires a 12-month commitment. 

HR Coach Toolkit Updates

Recent years have seen the toolkit update significantly, with Gold Network Members now having access to the following additions:


Different Generation Same Expectations White Paper


New Tools

Different Generations Same Expectations Seminar

Customiseable 160+ page employee handbook

STAR Workplace Pitch


Retention Boost Your Business including:

  • White Paper

  • Seminar

  • Workshop

Client Engagement Seminar and White Paper

5 Effective Conversations Seminar, White Paper and


Standing Tall through Labour Shortages White Paper


Behaviours to Maximise Your Effectiveness as an Employee Facilitated Workshop & Workbook

Improving Management Effectiveness Facilitated Workshop & Workbook

STAR Workplace Industry Benchmark Report

Standing Tall through Labour Shortages Seminar

New Tools


Succession Planning, including:

  • ​Push & Pull Assessment

  • Business Step Map

  • Succession Test

  • 90 Day Planner

  • Internal Succession Planner

  • Workshop

  • White Paper

Risk & Compliance Workshop

Performance Improvement Calculator

Attraction & Retention Workshops


Harnessing Employee Culture White Paper

Surviving and Growing in an Uncertain Environment White Paper


New Tools

The Hybrid Workplace Workshop

Fusion Culture Marketing Material

Harnessing Employee Culture Seminar

Surviving and Growing in an Uncertain Environment White Paper


Re - orientation Program including 25+ workplace policies

the Manager, the Coach, the Mentor 

Employee Turnover Calculator

STAR Workplace Results Collateral, including:

  • STAR Reports

  • PPT Template

  • Culture Breakdowns


Building the Bridge to (a Post COVID-19) Tomorrow White Paper

Satisfaction Doesn't Mean Profit White Paper


New Tools

Honesty & Integrity Workshop

Building the Bridge to (a Post COVID-19) Tomorrow Seminar & Growth Plan

Satisfaction Doesn't Mean Profit Seminar

Product and Marketing Logos

COVID-19 Policies, agreements and posters


Client Engagement Seminar


Cultivating Management Culture White Paper 


New Tools

STAR Workplace Program Planner

Fusion Culture Program

STAR Pulse Survey


Online Career Monitor

My Business Health Check

STAR Benchmarks

Good to Great Workshop

STAR to Toolkit Matrix



Unlocking the Code for High Performing Business White Paper

Unlocking the Generational Code White Paper

5 Effective Conversations White Paper

Management in the Spotlight White Paper

New Tools

Unlocking the Code for High Performing Business Seminar

Advanced Performance Coaching Workshop & Workbook

Mission, Vision and Values Workshop

Unlocking the Generational Code Workshop

Performance Feedback Model

Performance Groups Workshop

5 Effective Conversations Facilitated Workshop

Mastering Meetings Kit

STAR to Toolkit Matrix

Business Growth Forum Facilitation Kit

Gold Membership Inclusions

STAR Workplace

STAR Workplace Program

50% discount applied against every STAR Workplace Program

1 x free STAR Workplace Program - up to 50 employees. Credit can be applied against any sized Program.

1 x free STAR Workplace Trend Report.

1 x free STAR Pulse. 

Complimentary STAR Industry Benchmark Report on every STAR Workplace Program

Fusion - resized.PNG

Fusion Culture Program

50% discount applied against every Fusion Culture Program

1 x free Fusion Culture Program - up to 50 employees. Credit can be applied against any sized Program.

Career Monitor Logo.png

Online Career Monitor

50% discount applied against every Career Monitor Retention Interview

10 x free Career Monitors

BHC Logo.jpg

My Business Health Check

Unlimited free My Business Health Checks

Webhook link to embed your own online forms to completely automate this lead generation tool. 

Other Benefits

Guaranteed listing on the HR Coach website under 'Find a Coach' relevant to the state that you operate in.


Access to monthly masterclasses run by HR Coach to keep you up to date on your toolkit. 


Unrestricted access to the HR Coach Members Portal, including:

  • Updated, online toolkit

  • Recordings of previous masterclasses

  • Recordings of previous product launches and conference roundtables

Ongoing product development and 'reLaunched' products throughout the year. 

Bronze Membership Inclusions

All membership levels receive the following benefits of being a HR Coach Network Member:

  • Attend and refer your clients to the fortnightly webinHR program.

  • Online access to the STAR Workplace Program and Fusion Culture Program. Non-discounted processing fees apply.

  • Receive the latest research publications from HR Coach, including white papers and quarterly market updates.

  • Receive the latest updates from our Business Partners and the wider Network in our bi-monthly newsletter.

  • Restricted access to the HR Coach Members Portal

  • Access to Business Partners to build revenue and services for your business.

  • Use of the HR Coach Network Member Logo.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to HR Coach Network Membership products and services and are subject to change.

All members are guided by the HR Coach Network Ethics Guidelines, available on the HR Coach Members Portal.

Cancellation / Refund Policy
HR Coach does not provide refunds on membership fees. Membership election is for a minimum 12 month period.

Transfer of Membership and Services
HR Coach Network Membership fees, time and services are non-transferable or accumulative. Free products and services aligned with the membership status are allocated for the financial year, July to June annually.

Costs incurred by HR Coach in processing membership fees
All unexpected costs incurred by HR Coach in the process of membership fees will be charged back to the member. Such costs include, but are not limited to, direct debit dishonor fees, bounced cheque fees and related bank charges.

Business Partners to the HR Coach Network provide a combination of benefits directly to members. HR Coach is not responsible or liable in anyway for any losses that may occur as a result of an enquiry for, application for, purchase of, or contracting of the product or service from any Business Partner.

Intellectual Property Rights
Refer to your HR Coach Licence Agreement. HR Coach Network Members electing register as a Bronze Network Member will continue to have access to the version of the HR Coach Toolkit and deliverables provided at their Academy.


Gold Network Membership (billed annually)         $3,861.00 incl. GST 

Gold Network Membership (billed monthly)         $351.00 incl. GST ($4,008.00 total)

Bronze Network Membership - pay as you go support, restricted membership access. 

Your selected Membership level will apply from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024


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Gold Membership Inclusions
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