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Melissa Langton

The Opportunity to Build My Own HR Business


Hi I'm Melissa and this is my story..

I had worked previously in significant HR roles in the public and private sectors.  I enjoyed the jobs but could never seem to consistently achieve the outcomes I expected.

I knew I had a passion for people and business, and I had grown up in an entrepreneurial environment.  Building my own HR consulting business was the logical step, but I knew I couldn't do it alone.

I transitioned from the private sector into HR Coach after getting a rare opportunity to 'road test' the systems and processes in my last HR Manager role.  In the process I became a convert to the power and simplicity of the Staff Systems, and the methodology that is linked throughout the toolkit.

The systems and processes made logical sense to me as a HR professional.  When I implemented them and they worked, it actually reignited my passion for people and business.

I couldn't wait to get out and build my own business.  It was still daunting and scary.  However, I now have new clients already seeking my services, and I have a range of friends within the Network to access, share stories and get support!

Building a HR Business from Scratch is a Scary Prospect

  • The quality products, systems and methodologies work in the SME market

  • I can be out building my business and billing work, rather than building IP that would need to be re-engineered for every new client

  • I am passionate about people and business, and so are HR Coach and the other 100 coaches

  • Being part of a growing network of like minded people means that I have support when necessary, and new friends instantly.

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