About Our Coaches

Mandy Ward

Building a Sustainable Business on the Sunshine Coast


Hi I'm Mandy and this is my story..

I had a degree and some experience in HR, but my career took a turn into an operational role with a national brand.  A few years later I was tiring of the daily grind and commute and looked at the HR Coach model as a way to build a sustainable business on the Sunshine Coast.  The skills review identified both my skills and challenges, and I was encouraged to work on some of the challenges and then return.

A year and a half later I completed the Academy, and found the experience both exciting and exhausting.  I was excited that I now had a more logical and pragmatic way to influence and deliver good HR outcomes for business.  I also learnt methods and processes to build my business in the SME market that would have helped me in my previous BDM role for a national organisation.  I was also exhausted as there was just so much new information to take in, and I now understand the licence value.

I have now started meeting potential clients and networking with business owners.  I don't need to overthink it, just go one base at a time, and the discussions have been great.  I love HR Staff Manager and continue to look to install it with clients, but my early clients actually needed other solutions from the toolkit.

At least I have plenty of options to build my business and solve their challenges.

Making My Dream a Reality

  • A consulting model that is perfect for the SME sector

  • IP that is logical and pragmatic, that makes me look good

  • I don't have to overthink it, just follow the ball

  • I am supported to maximise my opportunities

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