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Jeff Zadow

Coaching for Success


Hi I'm Jeff and this is my story..

I am originally from an education and physical education background.  Part of my history is as a professional sports coach with the Australian Institute of Sports.  I had the opportunity to coach the Australian Volley Ball Team for the Olympics for 8 years.

My background includes a strong management and professional career, with sporting associations and clubs.  I have completed an MBA over many years because I knew I wanted more.  My experience also extended to project management, which gave me the idea I could work for myself.  Working for myself allows me flexibility, revenue beyond salary, freedom and independence.

As I worked through my ideas and formalised my business plan, I identified that I wanted to work with business owners to help drive their strategy.  My focus will be in helping businesses to improve their bottom line by identifying their competitive advantage.  This will use both my sports coaching and business expertise.

With many years in business, I have had the chance to build strong professional networks.  My business plan will focus on developing good quality relationships within my strong network.

Not being from a HR background, the Academy gave me a practical approach to human resources in a way that I can deliver it.  I have peace of mind that I have access and backup to the HR Coach Network and products.

Going through the Academy with others has also given me a strong sense of the value of the Network and the fun of doing it together.

My Considered Choice

  • I have leading edge methods, that give me an advantage in the market

  • Every business is unique, allowing coaches to support one another rather than compete

  • I am driven by goals and achieving results, which are easy to track through my business plan and ongoing Master Coaching.

Jeff Zadow

Managing Director, 

Innovision Consulting

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