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Farheen Ansari

I Needed a Long Term Solution that put Me in Control and Allowed Me to Make a Positive Difference in the SME Space.


Hi I'm Farheen and this is my story..

I had worked in a number of demanding HR Manager roles, where excessive transactional HR volumes meant that we never got the tactical or strategic HR right.  Corporate executives did not seem to understand what they needed to focus on, and I was failing to articulate the message in a simple and straight forward manner.

I resolved that I needed to learn to do HR in a different way.  I needed a long term solution, that put me in control and allowed me to deliver HR services to make a positive difference in the SME space.  I also needed to escape the corporate sector, and focus on the SME sector, to ultimately work with business owners who cared about their businesses future success

The Academy was a challenge.  I learnt all the things that could have made me a more successful corporate HR Manager, while also learning and articulating the simple models to make a difference.

The homework kept coming, and I worked hard to keep up.  Fortunately the weekly master coaching has kept me on track, especially with guidance for the new client opportunities!

Committed to Running my Own HR Consulting Business

  • I needed a model that worked, so I could learn to replicate it.

  • The research, processes and products make logical sense.

  • I am committed to making a tactical and strategic difference, HR Coach makes that possible.

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