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Kate Brown

I Have Reinvented Myself into the Coaching/Consulting Space


Hi I'm Kate and this is my story..

I had enjoyed a senior career in the private sector, including many years project managing Australian and international engineering projects.  After attempting to juggle work and family for some years, I made the decision to leave the corporate environment and start my own business.

My husband and I then built a successful internet trading business, which we subsequently sold.  I wanted to reconnect with business environments without returning to a full-time corporate role.  I was also keen to make use of my passion for business improvement through people, so I looked for a solution which aligned people and business in a consulting model.

The HR Coach model ticked all the boxes, particularly as I had never been the lead HR resource in the highly structured business environments that I had worked.  I soon worked out that the pragmatic and effective HR products in the Coach toolkit meant that I could quickly look like i knew what I was doing in the HR consulting space, when working with new clients.

It also meant that my business acumen and project management skills could also be utilised, so I could simply build on my natural style and previous experience.

As a previous business owner, I also liked that the business was mine, I could run it the way I wanted to and if I positioned it for sale, I could get a good return on my investment.

I am now in both the New Zealand and Australian markets, and finding that potential clients continue to embrace the Strategic Action Model and the HR Framework.  I continue to follow the bouncing ball and the model works nearly every time (except for those potential clients who just can't get the link between people, process and profit). 

I am also once again being valued for what I contribute, even though I actually worry it seems to simple.

HR Coach Works for Me

  • Building a consulting business from ground zero is challenging, and HR Coach methods and processes help me to achieve and/or accelerate this growth.

  • Buying a licence and applying proven methods, systems and processes for my own business, made great financial sense.

  • The new IP each year means that I don't have to think, just keep up.

  • It's great to be able to talk to like minded people who have been there before me.

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