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Colin & Lorraine Wilson

Our Opportunity is Now!


Hi We're Colin and Lorraine and this is our story..

Hi I'm Colin, I can tell you right now that I am red hot to build my business.  No more time to wait, this is my opportunity to make it for me.  And guess what, Lorraine is coming with me.  All the way!

I have made it big, big jobs, big results and I have been rewarded for it.  But now, it's not enough.

You know I saw everyday that people are not managed well, which affects the sales results of a business.  From training to process, it gets lost and no one is concentrating on it.

I knew that I would get into this kind of work one day and I just so happened to discover HR Coach when I was looking for a Staff System for my employer.

I talked with HR Coach and I couldn't wait to get home to talk to Lorraine about what I had found.

I said to Lorraine, this is our ticket out of here.  We never thought about going into business together before, but we saw this was a great way to use both our skills.  I start something and Lorraine finishes it - perfect!

Let me tell you something, we practiced and role played during Academy our sales pitch and client meetings during the workshop.  I was on the plane at home totally exhausted, and I had a text book meeting with the guy sitting next to me on the plane, who is now 2 weeks later, a fully fledged HR Plan Client.

Does the sales process work - absolutely!  It is all about the process and doing the numbers.

What's Our Business?

Direct Sales and HR Coaching

At the end of the first week of the workshop, Lorainne and I chose to focus our business on the Benchmarking and Staff Systems as our lead in, then followed by;

  • Workshops

  • Performance Coaching Programs

  • Work allocated to Lao Biesbroek, who is now my best friend

Week 4:  I am on target with my calls, I am having a 50% conversion rate on my meetings to proposals, and I have clients on the books already.

Watch out for the Conference next year, because I want to win every award in breaking targets..you just watch us!

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For more information on how you can become a coach, further information about HR Coach, or just have a few questions, contact us on 1300 550 674 or drop us an email