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Rebecca Easton

I'm Finally in the Consulting/Coaching Space that Aligns with my Purpose


Hi I'm Rebecca and this is my story..

I had been employed in a range of business sectors and roles over a number of years in the private sector space.  I had also worked as a HR Manager in a high performing business in Melbourne, where I finally realised what good HR can do for a business.  I studied widely while completing my MBA and in one of my subjects I found the HR Coach model and realised that was the model for me if the stars could ever align.

Over a two year period my family and I changed states and jobs, as we focused on setting a platform for the long term future of the family.  During that period my husband and I reviewed the HR Coach model in more and more detail, which only confirmed that it was right for me.

Finally the time came that I could extricate myself from the corporate space and launch myself into the market in the HR/Business consulting space.  I know it is where I need to be to bring purpose and control back to the work aspect of my life.

The simply structured logic and product spread means that I can positively impact the market, by taking one step at a time.  I have waited long enough to get started, and am now ready to spread my wings!

HR Coach is the Right Vehicle for Me

  • A licence model is right for me - the harder I work, the greater the return to me

  • Ongoing Australian based SME research means I am always current in the market

  • I am now confident about building a consulting business in the SME space

  • I am pleased to have found a Network of like minded people - as I did not want to do this alone.

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