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Barry Jones

Regaining My Passion for HR


Hi I'm Barry and this is my story..

I had been a senior HR professional for many years in large corporations.  I had started to lose my ability to effect positive and significant change because they kept moving the goal posts, and changing some of the leaders, and I was realising that my thinking did not align anymore.  As a result, I left the corporate space to regain my passion.

I initially moved into the outplacement space and really enjoyed the change.  I could now again make a positive impact on people, while operating as a sub-contractor.  This was a great transition into running my own HR consulting business, as it gave me a chance to find my passion again.  It also reinforced to me that I really enjoyed managing my own diary and outcomes, rather than having them imposed upon me.

However despite my years of HR experience, I still really did not have a clear idea on how I could take my experience and passion and build my own business and personal brand.

I then came across HR Coach and realised that all the hard work had already been done, and I just needed to get trained to the appropriate standard so tht I could launch myself into the market place.  I realised before I had even left the Academy that my success and outcomes would be dependent upon me - I was in charge of this aspect of my business.  I also worked out that if I just followed the bouncing ball, the outcomes should be positive.

It is early days and I have stayed true to the values, methods and training that I received.  I am already securing client referrals, which will lead to ongoing and further client work.  It is scary when you first start, but the first step was the hardest.  I now can't wait until I am so busy in my business that I can have my wife (another senior HR professional) join me on a permanent basis.

At that point I presume that I will be the BDM in the team, and my wife will get the work done to a higher standard than I could ever deliver.

Building a Business for the Family and Making a Positive Difference

  • It is great to build a business that I can call my own

  • I love getting client referrals, as it means I am making a positive difference

  • The sooner my wife joins my business, the sooner I can relax and play to my strengths

  • The tools, methods and processes make me look good and I don't have to reinvent the wheel.

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